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  1. alan123

    Freezing cheese dip?

    I made a large batch of cheese dip and it was good enough I would like to save it if I can. It's Velvetta based with ground beef, onion, garlic, black olive and a couple of other things. Can this be frozen in a vacuum sealed bag and reheated? Or will it lose its consistency (texture) when...
  2. alan123

    I need help with a good/affordable pepper grinder

    I hope this is in the right place on the board..... I'm ready to toss my third pepper grinder, they work great for a few weeks and then I hardly get anything from them. I love the taste of fresh ground pepper but seems sooner or later I have to reach for the pepper shaker. As I said, the...
  3. alan123

    First time with quarters

    I've smoked plenty of poultry, but a friend suggest doing a few quarters on the grill using a tube to add smoke. I was extremely happy with the end result and will repeat. Apple chips.
  4. alan123

    My first fatty

    I have a good friend that gives me guidance and I decided to finally try for a fatty, since I love breakfast for dinner it had to be a breakfast fatty. The weave Cheddar Jack cheese, bell pepper, onions, potatoes, eggs, salt, pepper and garlic powder. I have to confess, I was worried about...
  5. alan123

    With a lot of help from a friend

    I've been making sausage and smoking meats for about two years. I have, what I consider to be, a very good internet friend who has become a sort of mentor to me. with his help the last couple of years I slam dunked a true loin ham. In the brine for a few days. Out of the brine, in a water...
  6. alan123

    Does wood make a real difference?

    I've been smoking for just a very few years but got to wondering. Does the flavor or/and type of wood use really make a big difference? For example, I went out to check on my chip supply, I need Apple chips for a ham I'm doing, I might have enough but I have plenty of alder and plenty of...
  7. alan123

    I need advice on how to inject meat for a ham

    I'm planning on taking a pork loin, cure and smoke it for lunch meat. I'm looking at one of Len Poli's recipes which calls for injections, new ground for me. I'm also planning on using a regular 16g needle with a 20cc syringe, I know it's not a regular type of needle for this purpose, any...
  8. alan123

    I've been inspired, getting ready to smoke some fish 2 questions.

    Looking at all these great post on smoked salmon and tuna has inspired me to smoke some up. I have some fresh Coho filets and some fresh Albacore tuna loins, but have but researching the Internet a bit and there seems to be mixed opinions on two things, could use some advice. First most smoke...
  9. alan123

    Your thoughts on a meat slicer

    I been looking for a "good" home use meat slicer for a while, hoping to spend $300 to $400, May a little more for a used one. I been searching for a used Globe, Hobart, Berkeley, etc. my thoughts are I should get at least a 10" blade and stay away from plastic gears. Want to stay away from...
  10. alan123

    Hello from NW Oregon

    Hello all! I been lurking here for many months and enjoy the place enough I'd better man up and get involved. I still consider my self very much a rookie with meats, newbie if you want. I made some great smoke chicken, been doing smoked salmon for years, I guess it never clicked I could put...
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