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  1. medic92

    Pellet Smokers in Competitions - Your opinion

    I was just having fun.  Your impassioned response made it clear you were a pellet fan with strong feelings on the subject.  :)
  2. medic92

    Pellet Smokers in Competitions - Your opinion

    So what kind of pellet smoker do you have?
  3. medic92

    Alternatives for Mustard as a base for a rub on ribs?

    I like to use Parkay squeezable margarine sometimes.  Usually I don't use anything at all, and I'll never use mustard.  Even if you can't really taste it, my brain knows it was on there and will invent the taste.
  4. medic92

    Illinois Group!

    Mount Sterling, IL here.  Downstate, west of Springfield. 
  5. medic92

    Oklahoma Joe Highland, does anyone use one?

    I have the Highland and it's a decent smoker.  Without any mods it goes through fuel (charcoal or wood) and a pretty brisk pace.   Adding a gasket around the cooking chamber and firebox will help, as well as some toggle clamps to hold the lid a little tighter.  Use some high-temp RTV between the...
  6. medic92


    You keep that snow all to yourself!  This is the perfect time to be greedy. 
  7. medic92

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

    It was decent but I don't think the quality of the pork was very good.  I think I'll stick with getting mine from the meat locker and paying a little more.
  8. Wings!


  9. medic92


    My afternoon snack.  Wing sections grilled/smoked with a little mesquite, then fried to get them good and crispy.  I planned on tossing them with wing sauce but they're pretty good the way they are.
  10. wings.jpg


  11. medic92

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

    Finally finished!  After a one hour rest, this is what I had: And here's the final product, pulled and ready to eat:
  12. pulled.jpg


  13. finished.jpg


  14. medic92

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

    I just don't care for the setup for the most part.  Like I said, there's nothing wrong with the vertical smoker, I just prefer using my offset.  :)
  15. medic92

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

    About 3 1/2 hours into the cook...although it's performing just fine I'm realizing I honestly don't care for the vertical smoker.  I think I'll give it to my neighbor after this butt's done.
  16. cooking.jpg


  17. medic92

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

    Pork butt is rubbed and on the smoker.  I'm using a mix of pecan and apple wood, smoking at 275 since we celebrated our anniversary well into the night and I got a bit of a late start this morning. 
  18. Anniversary Pork Butt!

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

  19. butt.jpg


  20. medic92

    Anniversary Pork Butt!

    Today is my tenth wedding anniversary.  While out running around I picked up a nine pound pork shoulder at $1.49/lb.  It's rubbed and ready to go tomorrow.  I think I'm going to use the Brinkmann vertical smoker on this one and see if it holds temperature a little better now that it's a little...
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