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  1. Danno44

    Christmas Gift Rollcall

    I searched and didn’t find a general “what did you get for Christmas” thread (if there is a mod can delete or move). I thought of starting this catch all thread where folks can share what they received as a Christmas and/or holiday gift pertaining to grilling/smoking/BBQ/cooking etc. I’ll start...
  2. Danno44

    Inkbird New Waterproof Instant Thermometer Review

    I know several folks have posted some great reviews, here is mine. Product was sealed with no damage or issues with outer box. Product is securely packaged in the box with foam fitted cutouts. Contents of package include the thermometer, charging cable, calibration instruction card. I...
  3. Danno44

    Initial run of Inkbird IBT-6XS

    Finally got around to using my new Inkbird IBT-6XS. Very easy to charge, update and pair with phone. Tested the probes and all were between 211-212 for boiling water. Smoking some pork loins on the Bronco. Little tweaks to dampers but holding steady. So far during initial run, very pleased...
  4. Danno44

    Tri Tip in OKJ Highland

    One of my favorite proteins. Reverse seared on Lodge Sportsman grill. From med (ends) to med rare in center. Know not best photos, but all I have.
  5. Danno44

    Couldn’t Help Myself. OKJ Bronco

    Well I succumbed to self perceived peer pressure and grabbed one of 2 left at local Wally World for 100 bucks off retail. Have the Highland for home, this is destined to my cottage and assembly to commence Friday night. Will season Saturday, and likely ribs for maiden voyage. (Box left in...
  6. Danno44

    Tri Tip Very First Attempt

    My very first time trying Tri Tip. It will not be my last. Perfect amount of smoke, med to med-rare. Juicy and can cut with a fork tender.
  7. Danno44

    Why Write Stuff Down

    Well I made a very rookie mistake. My last smoke I make spare ribs and pork loin. Everything turned out great, family really enjoyed it. I also decided to try my hand at making my own rub. On one pork loin I used my store bought “Butt Rub” which is good. On the other loin I made up a simple...
  8. Danno44

    Winter Weather In Michigan

    With cold and winter coming up faster than I would like, and being in Michigan, I’m looking for a setup to get some protection from the wind and snow. Building something permanent is not something I want to do, so I’m looking for something I can set up later this fall and leave it until...
  9. Danno44

    Brisket First Attemp

    First Brisket in OKJ Highland. Turned out ok. Nice bark, good flavor, juicy, passed pull test. Family enjoyed it. Did learn several things. Need to work on trimming skills. Some areas too much removed, some not enough. Was about 11 lbs after trimming. Seasoning was just salt and pepper...
  10. Danno44

    Cutting Boards

    I need to acquire some good cutting boards. Leaning towards the Epicurean brand of cutting boards. A search shows discussions about them from 6-7 years ago. Those that have had them since then, how are they holding up? I need to get at least 1 large (20” x 15”) for slicing...
  11. Danno44

    Thermoworks Sale

    Just letting folks know that Thermoworks is having a sale of 15% off everything (excluding those items already on sale). I can’t find when it ends now, but thought I read it goes until the 20th. Not affiliated with them, but did I take advantage of the sale and placed an order.
  12. Danno44

    Hello Again

    I did introduction post in the wrong section yesterday I think (Roll Call). Quick recap, from Michigan. Started smoking about 6 years ago with an LP Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite that died this spring. Just bought an OKJ Highland a couple weeks ago, snagged it on a clearance sale for a decent...
  13. Danno44

    Another Michigander

    I’ve grilled for decades, ventured into smoking about 6 years ago after receiving a LP Masterbuilt Elite as a gift. I was able to produce some decent meals with it. But unfortunately the smoker gave up the ghost this spring. Decided to try my hand with an offset. And before I committed big...
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