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  1. jaxgatorz

    Featured Pork Dumplings!

    Absolutely beautiful plate. Magazine quality!
  2. jaxgatorz

    Half chickens with ribs and skin

    Crank up the heat..No advantage in low and slow for chicken..I try to cook chicken at a minimum of 325. Good luck !
  3. jaxgatorz

    Beer Can Chicken on the Boss

    Good looking chix !!
  4. jaxgatorz

    Margherita Pizza

    Beautiful pizza!!
  5. jaxgatorz

    First Brisket attempt

    Awesome first brisket !!.. I don't want to say how many attempts it took me.:emoji_sunglasses:
  6. jaxgatorz

    First ever Tri Tip w pics

    Awesome job on that TT !!
  7. jaxgatorz

    Meat Slicer

    That is a good deal. Thanks for posting !
  8. jaxgatorz

    Grilled Deerburgers (Indoor)

    Looks excellent Bear !!
  9. jaxgatorz


    Those are some of the best looking dino ribs That I have ever seen !!
  10. jaxgatorz

    Briskets (& some wild hog ribs)

    That is a pile of goodness right there!!
  11. jaxgatorz

    Air Fried Catfish

    Great looking catfish !!
  12. jaxgatorz


    Absolutely beautiful !!
  13. jaxgatorz

    May I present... Texas Pretzels (Pork Belly Prezels)

    You knocked it ot of the park !! Awesome idea and execution !
  14. jaxgatorz

    Pastrami Loaf (Pic Heavy)

    That looks awesome!!! Great write up too !
  15. jaxgatorz

    Pulled Pork Super Bowl Nachos

    I'd dive head first into that !! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  16. jaxgatorz

    X-Fire Flamin’ Wings!!!

    Beautiful !!!
  17. jaxgatorz

    Birthday 2020 Smoke w Qview

    Great spread and post, Vol.... My birthday is a couple of months away and I've decided to have at your house.:emoji_sunglasses::emoji_sunglasses:
  18. jaxgatorz

    Wings with new vortex

    I like the rub, but the small shaker end still poured way too fast... So i just did the rest of them the same way, slathered them.. lol,,, Little too salty , but could just be from the amount that i put on em... Next time i will go with a lot less rub...
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