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  1. grothe

    July Rib Roast

    I know I haven't been around much lately (been extremely busy with the farm and the lousy New England weather this year), but I thought I would stop in, say Hi, and share this with everyone. I managed to sneak in smoking a rib roast yesterday. The roast, fresh from one of the cows I just got...
  2. grothe

    Some quick pics of an attempted holiday smoke

    Kinda threw together a Memorial Day smoke on Sunday for some family and friends and the weather just didn't cooperate. 20lbs top round roast, 5 racks of babybacks, and some abts for me. The roast The roast was rubbed with Plowboy's Bovine, the ribs with Plowboy's Yardbird Chance of an...
  3. grothe

    Brisket -Burnt Ends

    Got a craving for some burnt ends this past week, so I thawed out a 10# packer. The fat cap The Rub Rubbed up and ready for the smoker 6 Hours in smoked at 250 w/ oak At 190* internal This time I let the whole packer rest for 5 hours before separating the point for burnt ends...
  4. grothe

    Beef Back Ribs

    Last saturday I smoked up some ribs for a birthday party I had to go to. I got this idea in my head to try using a drip pan with beer, apple juice, and some garlic. After a couple of hours of fat rendering and some of the rub falling in the pan, I would use this as my mop and not foil. As it...
  5. grothe

    Happy Birthday roksmith

    Have a great day!!
  6. grothe

    Whole Boneless Ribeye #2

    After being scolded by Erain for taking my first ribeye too high on the internal temp.....LOL....(just kidding E!!!), decided ta do another one following E's suggestions. The first one: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/showthread.php?t=74645 The second ribeye.... A little over 10 lbs...
  7. grothe

    The Beer Song

    Ok...Saxman posted the BBQ Song, so here's the Beer Song:
  8. grothe


    Wanted to get some beef ribs, but they were sold out at the butcher. Ended up with some babybacks instead. Figured I'd try something different than the 3-2-1 variation. Since I'm usually busy working on something while I'm smokin...I was gonna try to skip the foiling and smoke em straight...
  9. grothe

    Happy Birthday kingudaroad

    Have a great day
  10. grothe

    First born w/ baby pics

    Was gonna put this in the beef forum but...... Got home from work last night ta see our first calf was born. Got her out of the mud, got her ear tag on, and took a couple of pics for ya. My Moo-View....
  11. grothe

    Whole Boneless Ribeye w/ Q-view!

    This came out awesome....my best smoke to date! Ready for a good rub down The rub...Thanks Bubba, this stuff is great!! Ready for the smoker Smoker running at 250*,2 hours in, the first mop w/ apple juice and JD Smoked for 6 hours, pulled it out at 175* internal Sliced like...
  12. grothe

    A couple pork shoulder roasts

    I was going to do one of these for some chili, but figured I'd do both and make some sammies w/ the other. Washed up and ready for some rub Rubbed Smoker fired up into the smoker they go Almost done I pulled these out at 175*. I wanted to cube up the roasts for chili (I like my chili...
  13. grothe

    1st try at bacon

    Did this a few weeks ago, just never got around to posting. Picked up a case of bellies (50lbs). 3/4 of the case went into the freezer. So this will be a 12lbs test run. Went with Cowgirl's Smokehouse Bacon (if Jeanie made it..it's got to be good, right!!) and a couple of slabs I just threw...
  14. grothe

    Stuffed Pork Loin

    REPOST from 12/06/09 (last repost - I promise!!!) I haven't posted anything in a while (it's been crazy for the last month), so I smoked a stuffed pork loin w/ cherry stuffing. About 4lbs of loin Opened up The cherry stuffing was so good, I was eating it right out of the pan Topped the...
  15. grothe

    Slap Ya Mama's Rump

    REPOST from 11/08 Smoked a rump roast yesterday. Hard ta tell if you got a good one when they all look like this in the freezer. Not bad!! This is what I used for a rub. Slathered w/ A1 The "Rub" Off to the smoker with some taters Smoked at 250 with hickory til 150...
  16. grothe

    Another way to find missing threads

    Google "site:www.smokingmeatforums.com" plus your screen name and the subject you're lookin for. Again you must click on Cached rather than the title. Hope this works for you!
  17. grothe

    Found a way to find missing posts

    If you bookmarked a thread that is now missing try this: Copy the thread address into the google search box, Delete "http;www." from the address and click search, Instead of clicking on the title - Click on Cashed Seems to work..
  18. grothe

    Another post found - Breakfast Sandwich 10-20-08

    I was inspired by Phil S to try this Bacon Weave Flat in the smoker Need leaner bacon next time!! Smoked until crispy I really liked the bacon from the smoker much better than fried. It wasn't greasy at all. BTW...I put another rack on top of the weave to keep it flat. Fried 6 eggs w/ a...
  19. grothe

    Found my chicken post from 11/10/08

    I picked up a 7# chicken roaster for a beer can smoke. Rubbed with evoo and cajun rub then let sit in the frig over night. Added a tbs of garlic powder to half a can of bud, set chicken on it, and put acouple of japs down the birds neck. This was looking WAY too healthy to me and I was...
  20. grothe

    Post Order

    The question of how to list posts in order of oldest to newest has been asked numerous times. Click on this link: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...do=editoptions , Scroll down to "Thread Display Options" , Set to "Linear - Oldest First" , Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page...
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