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  1. sawhorseray

    Jaegerschnitzel, Spaetzle & Roasted Asparagus

    Looks pretty darned good from where I'm sittin', Like. RAY
  2. sawhorseray

    My Dad’s Cooker (Gift)

    Nice cooker and a beautiful job on the remo, should last quite a while. RAY
  3. sawhorseray

    Japanese Sex

    Good one! RAY
  4. sawhorseray

    Jambalaya (Zatarain’s One-Pot)

    What's not to be happy about with that Bear, looks great, Like! Whatever happened with that Chucky you were doing on the sous vide for Sunday dinner Bear? I kept looking didn't see a darned thing. RAY
  5. sawhorseray

    Trimming the fatcap

    You could take a little something more with that fat-cap and make Buckboard bacon if you liked. I smoke butts fat side up so the fat runs thru the meat as it smokes. Some guys score the fat-cap with a blade and season it so it renders even more. RAY
  6. sawhorseray


    Welcome from Gilbert, AZ! Interesting project you have going, photos help. RAY
  7. sawhorseray

    560 firestarters

    Well that's odd, me too! RAY
  8. sawhorseray

    Chuck Roast Italian Beef Sandwiches (W Pics)

    Looking good Robert, looking mighty good, Like! RAY
  9. sawhorseray

    Smoked Roast Beef and Turkey Breast w pics

    Just a wonderful beautiful piece of work John, Big Like! Seems your slicer is good enough to get the job done, and I failed to note any ugliness on the French Dip sanny. I think I'll thaw out a pack of beef and have a French Dip myself for dinner, thanks for the idea John. RAY
  10. sawhorseray

    Old Member New Account

    Welcome back from Gilbert, AZ! I quit smoking almost two months ago, feeling bet...……...oh, never mind. RAY
  11. sawhorseray

    Going through so much wood!

    I always have a drip under the meat in my SQ36, 99% of the time it's filled with a couple of gallons of water. You want to have some water in the cook chamber to help keep meat from drying out, sometimes on a long smoke I'll go thru a couple of gallons evaporating. If your grill runs hotter on...
  12. sawhorseray

    Sunday Spares

    Thanks for the Like Warren, it is appreciated. The leftovers weren't too bad either, got some tater salad at Walmart. Thinking about grabbing a pork belly from Costco to cure in the fridge and smoke up some bacon before I wheel the Pro 100 back into the garage. Here in AZ I geuss I could leave...
  13. sawhorseray

    Quick Smoke n Sear Pork Tenderloin

    Beautiful piece of work John, Like! I'm with Chris, I like some apple sauce on the side with PT. RAY
  14. sawhorseray

    Sunday Spares

    Thanks Rich, and thanks for the Like also! I got that smoker a good 13 years ago on a successful trip back from Reno, I'd hit a $3K keno ticket at the Peppermill and we stopped at the Cabelas in Boomtown. I had a small (unnamed) smoker that wrecked a batch of sausage by fatting out the casings...
  15. sawhorseray

    Going through so much wood!

    Same here, my SQ36 eats wood like it's starving for it. 15kg is what, like 35 pounds of apple splits. I could go thru all that smoking one porkbutt, tho my preferred choice of wood is most always hickory. Byrney's got a big smoker with a big firebox, and it's going to take a lot of fuel to get...
  16. sawhorseray

    I am going to attempt Applewood Chicken Quarters.

    Good lick Burl! What are you smoking on until the new unit arrives? Once it does you'll want to be storing inside the garage during winter. RAY
  17. sawhorseray

    LEM 30# motorized stuffer review

    Nice review and a beautiful sausage ring, Like! I've had the Cabelas 20 lb commercial model with the foot pedal for over a decade now, I love it. I wouldn't be making sausage anymore if I had to go back to the hand crank, same with the meat mixer, both shoulders are completely shot to hell. RAY
  18. sawhorseray

    Smoke Out! FNG incoming!

    Welcome from Gilbert, AZ, and thank you for your service! RAY
  19. sawhorseray

    New Orleans style BBQ Shrimp

    Man, I'd love to be bellying up to a table full of that, beautiful piece of work, Like! Congrats on the ride, well deserved. RAY
  20. sawhorseray

    Featured Tri tip and chicken over oak

    What a great piece of work, that was worthy of having some TV cameras there, Like! RAY
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