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  1. mike243

    Mixes with mustard seed

    Thanks Winterrider, I think this will be done here at my place soon as some honey do's get done.
  2. mike243

    Hot and sour soup.

    Only thing I don't think I like is the water chestnuts, rest of it sounds great, I really don't taste any flavor from the WC but I suspect they get put in a lot of times for the crunch profile. looks simple to make,I always thought I would like to be a cook if I could go back 40 years, work1...
  3. mike243

    The Smokefire Has Arrived

    Seen it first hand at Lowes a few minutes ago, only raised the lid and looked to the bottom, looks to me like the drop from side to middle should have been steeper to make the grease run out faster, I hope you have many great cooks with it and any problems with it can be worked out, its not a...
  4. mike243

    can i use charcoal and propane at the same time?

    Yes but you will need to experiment in order to find the best amount so you can control the temps, I have had too many chunks in mine during the summer and ran a lot hotter than I wanted
  5. mike243


    Welcome ,I have a electric smoker and a pellet smoker, I can use a tube with pellets in the electric and can walk away from both without worrying if something is going to fail, so far they haven't and the electric unit is probably 10 years old or so. Good luck on the build and its easy to post...
  6. mike243

    Pit boss and pellet tubes or trays

    Microwave the pellets for a couple of minutes then light and let burn 5 minutes, blow out and put anywhere except next to your probe, the smoke will circulate all over
  7. mike243

    Newbie Smoked First Pork Shoulders Disappointed!!

    Run your smoker as low as it will go for 3-4 hours with the buts setting on the rack, then set in pan and turn heat up, the lower you smoke the more smoke flavor you will get, a tube added will also help, have a look thru the pellet forum there's a lot of good info there
  8. mike243

    New Pit Boss Austin XL

    Set it on smoke fore a couple hrs or more if doing a long smoke then move to 225-250 till done, thick porkchops are great at 2 hours of smoke ,.
  9. mike243

    Jerk Chicken

    Looking good will be watching for the cook results and the recipe if you like it
  10. mike243

    New Pit Boss Austin XL

    That’s pretty common as it takes awhile ti get the whole pit the same temp , i love mine and no problems other than a couple plug in temp probes went south. Hope You will enjoy it as much as I have mine
  11. mike243

    Drill for bucket meat mixer

    Buy the cheapest 1/2” drill at harbor freight no need for a hammer drill
  12. mike243

    Fresh cut hickory question?

    Burn it will be fine, the sap is down out iof the tree’s and even the live will work,
  13. mike243

    Pit Boss pellet question?

    Almost 2 years never pulled them out except to change flavors , i keep mine in the carport with no cover
  14. mike243

    Offset Smoker dilemma 48x20, or 48x24?

    My wife has always said bigger is better dont have a clue wth she is talking about but in this case I think it fits lol
  15. mike243

    How to Build a Mailbox Mod for an MES Smoker (pic heavy)

    I have never understood the use of galvanized metal when cooking food, it can put off some poisonous fumes but folks will swear its safe up to so and so temps, I aint no rocket scientist but i refuse to take any chance, hope it works well for you
  16. mike243

    How do I check the temp inside my Pellet smoker

    I bought the inkbrd 6x i shouldnt ever need to keep track of that may items but they go me covered up to 6 lol, have fun with the new equipment it’s addictive
  17. mike243

    Weber SmokeFire - anyone get it yet

    How many times are you going to post the same review on the same thread? lol
  18. mike243

    Smoke House Pellets?

    There's nothing wrong with a blend and some folks might prefer it, The charhickory is great for smoking steaks imo, also great blended with other flavors. Dick's is a well named company at some of the stores, others are great. I haven't found any pellets that I didn't like the smoke profile,its...
  19. mike243

    How much pulled pork for how many people...

    I prefer to have left overs and figure enuff for 2 sandwiches each for family functions, 10 oz raw , also how you pull it so its easier to handle when building helps, I bought a 4 finger puller that goes into my drill, works great wish I had bought 1 years ago, drop the butt into a large...
  20. mike243

    Increase Propane smoker heat output

    X2 on the moving blanket, its more than drilling the orifice, if the throat of the burner cant pull enuff air in it will burn yellow and dirty, much easier to wrap a blanket around it and secure with a couple of bungie cords imo
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