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  1. fivetricks

    Any new Michigan Members?

    Welcome from Flint! Always glad to have new folks from Michigan :-) I stroll down your way for craft beer stops on occasion
  2. fivetricks

    560 firestarters

    Pardon my ignorance on the 560 and please correct me where I'm wrong and I'll be happy to eat my foot. Do you not start charcoal in the bottom of the hopper to get your initial red coals? I guess in my mind you would/could still use the charcoal chimney, dump in the hot coals, then pour your...
  3. fivetricks

    Another NC newb with a twist- Raised my own!

    Even better yet, make country hams out of them. Saves freezer space and makes wonderful hams!
  4. fivetricks

    560 firestarters

    Chimney starter or weed torch > firestarters That's just me though :-)
  5. fivetricks

    suggestions on starting a New lawn?? (also reviews on Snake river farm meats)

    I've thrown grass seed right on top of clay. If you just stick to a good watering schedule, then you will succeed. 2 waterings a day for the first two weeks, then once a day for the next two weeks and you will have a beautiful lawn.. trick is to water it enough for the whole area to get a good...
  6. fivetricks

    Another NC newb with a twist- Raised my own!

    Feel free to freeze now and brine/smoke later.
  7. fivetricks


    In Michigan the rule of thumb is generally to wait until memorial day weekend to do any planting
  8. fivetricks

    Another chucky thread.

    Wow. That's crazy that a butcher wouldn't have any Chuck roll there. What are they making ground beef from then? Do they typically only carry steak cuts of the cow or....?
  9. fivetricks

    Newbie Smoked First Pork Shoulders Disappointed!!

    I don't own one..I base my opinion on cooks I've sampled off a couple of camp chef models, one rec-tec and one Yoder. So admittedly my experience isn't complete, but complete enough to post my opinion. But, once again, that's why I qualified my opinion in each post :-) There is a real...
  10. fivetricks

    Jerky in a MES30

    I use toothpicks or skewers to hang in between the grates myself. As far as woods? Depends on your tastes. I tend to use more "medium" woods like hickory or oak when smoking jerky. But I would start out with something more light like apple or cherry your first couple runs to make sure you don't...
  11. fivetricks

    Newbie Smoked First Pork Shoulders Disappointed!!

    That's why I qualified it with the IMHO part. It's just been my experience that compared to stick burn, UDS, electric with a pellet tray or vertical charcoal, pellet grills just don't hold up flavorwise because they use pellets for heat production and not flavor. If you (again, IMHO) like a...
  12. fivetricks

    Slicer and vacuum sealer

    Nice. Curious to hear! I have a 5lb big bite from them and love it.
  13. fivetricks

    Jerky in a MES30

    you can most definitely do jerky in the mes 30. It is actually quite equipped for such a task. Because you can regularly increase the temperature increase mentally, which is what jerky prefers
  14. fivetricks


    As stated above: 11/25=0.44z .44z X (12.5+8.5) = 9.24 total ounces of total used seasoning.
  15. fivetricks

    Slicer and vacuum sealer

    honestly, I have bought several vacuum sealers under $100. They have all been a disappointment. I am still waiting to buy my higher-quality one.
  16. fivetricks

    Newbie Smoked First Pork Shoulders Disappointed!!

    Yes to the finishing sauces, yes to the adding your rub afterwards. Yes to the adding a smoker tray on your grate. IMHO, no to pellet smokers. (Again, IMHO) You trade so much flavor for the convenience of a pellet smoker that it's just not worth it.
  17. fivetricks

    Featured Pork Dumplings!

    I don't even like dumplings, and I could not smash the like button enough times
  18. fivetricks

    I Have...

    No dollars spent vs dollars spent goes a long way in terms of a rational argument :-)
  19. fivetricks

    Fresh cut hickory question?

    I cut biscuits similar to yours in mid September and they were ready by Christmas. I kept mine in an area that never gets below about 42-44 degrees however, so ymmv.
  20. fivetricks

    Beef back ribs...

    Beef ribs are not like pork ribs in that you don't cook them to time, you cook them to temp/tenderness. Run them to 201-208 or until tender similar to brisket rules. Def worth trying at least once.
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