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  1. jojo22

    Smoker rental near Kalamazoo MI??

    I'm spending a week in Kalamazoo this June for the UKC Premier dog show. Normally for large smokes I borrow my friends tow behind and go at it. However I will have a trailer full of dogs behind me, so I need to find a smoker. I thought about an ECB, BUT that will not cook nearly enough, and I'd...
  2. jojo22

    Christmas ham!!

    So I just picked up a whole fresh ham from the store!! Plan is to cure it with tender quick and brown sugar, cure for 10 days (it's 20 pounds) and then smoke it to finish with a hot smoke and maple chips. Any downside here?? Anything I am missing?? I am assuming that I should remove the skin...
  3. jojo22

    Jojo's simple smoked turkey

    Okay, I have seen a lot of threads on poor turkey turn outs. So I thought I would post up here how I do it, and I've never had a complaint. Some may disagree with my temps and times, but it ain't broke so I'm not gonna fix it...LOL First off I have never brined a turkey, not saying it is a bad...
  4. jojo22

    The bounty of a day spent on FOOD!!

    So instead of making 4 different posts in different sections I figured I would post one here! Got up this morning and prepped some loin and butt got cure on it for BBB and CB (no pics yet, just curing) then I fired up the old cardboard box and started cold smoking a good lot of cheese!! After...
  5. jojo22

    shipping cheese??

    How would one go about shipping smoked cheese? I have a few friends in Michigan (I'm in Ohio) that want some for Christmas, is it possible to ship and how?
  6. jojo22

    Stupid bacon question

    BUT I have read most of these posts and did a search with only one wiki found and it didn't give me an answer. I am going to the store tomorrow and I would like to know what cut of meat is used for buckboard bacon, I found that the CB is made of loin, and plan to pick some up, but while I was...
  7. jojo22

    Poppy seed chicken breasts! "QVIEW ADDED"

    Trying something new tonight!! Gonna marinate the chicken breasts in poppy seed dressing, and sprinkle just a tad on hot pepper on them. Then to smoke with oak wood and a hint of cherry chips. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
  8. jojo22

    Tonights cheese "Qview"

    Here is the bounty of my first cold smoke!! We have sharp cheddar, colby jack, and aged swiss. Was smoked using a cardboard box, tin can and a soldering iron, came out pretty good if you ask me!! We used Cherry chips for the wood. *note* the swiss did have an even color to it (though slightly...
  9. jojo22

    What odd flavors have you used on cheese??

    I currently am trying some cherry smoke on aged swiss, sharp cheddar and some colby jack! Thought I would try something that might be a little different! So anyone else try things out of the box??
  10. jojo22

    Can't post a Q view???

    I tried to post a qview of some cheese that is still currently smoking, and it won't post?? I used the "insert image" button?? Do I need a minimum number of posts to put up pics??
  11. jojo22

    Made my first Fatties yesterday (no q-view)

    Made a chili cheese with Hormell chili and some jalapeno and banana peppers, as well as pepper jack cheese. Also made a bacon cheese burger for the wife. I have to say thank you for bringing this great treat to my attention, definitely a must have for parties and get togethers!! This was our...
  12. jojo22

    Hello from Ohio!

    Hi everyone, My name is Joe, I've been smoking for about 3 years (1 on a charcoal grill, 2 with a char-grill er with SFB). I do mostly ribs, brisket, and turkeys, but looking into expanding and going into clod smoking as well. My big issue right now is keeping temps up without tons of white...
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