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  1. troutman

    Big Batch Vortex Chicken

    Although I won't deny this works, a Vortex concentrates the heat in a much better way. You can get close to 500* with its use. If you notice my pix, I've foiled wrapped the entire area outside the Vortex itself, providing a means to catch grease of course, but further making sure the air flow...
  2. troutman

    Big Batch Vortex Chicken

    Yes kit s, you either have a 22" (which you have) or a 26" or some other brand. I got mine on amazon, there are several knock off versions. Just make sure it's 305 stainless or better.
  3. troutman

    About Smoked Beef Short Ribs

    First of all I never wrap beef ribs. You can if you want to get through a stall but I just let them go. Theses do not cook at all like pork ribs (3-2-1 method) but should be treated more like cooking brisket. Here are some I did a couple of months ago. I salt brined over night, seasoned and...
  4. troutman

    Rookie smoker trying out ribs. I have a couple questions.

    First off I would dry brine your ribs overnight. That means adding about 1/2 a teaspoon of salt per pound of meat. The salt will penetrate the rib proteins. All other spices added are generally too large from a molecular standpoint and don't really penetrate very far into the meat, it's a...
  5. troutman

    Big Batch Vortex Chicken

    Had some folks lay over for the weekend on their way back to Austin and the wife wanted me to cook some chicken (her marinade) along with her cooking some Filipino dishes. She got a dozen leg quarters and about two dozen drums from the store and marinaded them over night in her Inosol marinade...
  6. troutman

    Pulled Pork Waffle Cones

    That is amazing !!! Very inventive, that ought to be in some food magazine !! LIKE for sure....
  7. troutman

    Back to coals

    I’ve got one just like it, did a mess of chicken for dinner tonight, came out awesome. Enjoy your new grill !!!
  8. troutman


    Actually Cornish hens and chicken liver wild rice stuffing is in our regular rotation. Glad to see you have re-discovered an old staple. Well done sir!!! LIKE
  9. troutman

    How would you cook this Brisket point...

    More rest would have helped in a faux cambro. Nicely done otherwise, perhaps getting it up over 200* IT may have helped as well.
  10. troutman

    Eye of Round?

    Although you don't seem to have the time, I've even done eye of round pastrami via the smoking-sous vide-smoking method. Very tasty. But agree with others, don't run the IT up too high or you will have shoe leather on your hands !!!
  11. troutman

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Thanks for the props man !!! I really like the way you butchered your own culotte in that second thread. I buy them from my butcher pre-cut but I see advantages in cost to doing it yourself !! Thanks for that thought !!!
  12. troutman


    I too like parm wings and Asparagus, especially with some SNAP !!! LIKE
  13. troutman

    Nice Hog cook for father's day on the WSM 22.5

    WOW, porkalicious mega cook !! You really put that WSM through it's paces !! LIKE
  14. troutman

    Tri Tip on my new kettle

    Nice job on one of my favorite cuts of beef !!!
  15. troutman

    Father’s Day Ribs

    I have to admit, I have never had a rack of veal back ribs !!! Awesome find and great cook !!! LIKE
  16. troutman

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Yea I love going to Charrascarias, you end up with meat sweats by the time you are done !!!!
  17. troutman

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Thanks Chris, go ahead and turn that WSM into a great grilling machine !!! Thank you kind sir!! Hope you find Picanha there in Florida, I'm sure your local butcher can source it.
  18. troutman

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Thanks guys, give it a try !!!
  19. troutman

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Thanks John !!! Actually my pinwheels above are taken from the top portion of the rib-eye, it's that heavily marbled perimeter piece that is super tender. They cut it off the eye muscle and roll it up to sell as cap steaks. They are awesome because they represent the best of the best in...
  20. troutman

    Other Cuts of Beef as Good as Rib-eye - Part 1

    Thanks Bear, beef is definitely something to be passionate about !!!! :) Thanks, give it a try !!!! Thank you !!
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