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  1. daricksta

    Smoked Salmon Candy

    This is my first try at salmon candy; It's is based on Jeff Phillips's recipe although I used a couple of my own pre-pared dry rubs. I followed his directions for the glaze and mixed some maple syrup with my dry rub. The glaze nicely finished off the smoked salmon. I made it to share with my...
  2. daricksta

    Pulled Pork

    I bought an 8 lb. bone-in pork shoulder some time ago and last week I took it out of the freezer and made some smoked pulled pork. I used a combo of two different dry rubs. the roast fit easily on one rack of my MES 30 Gen 1. The overall smoking temp was between 225-232° over the 17 hours it...
  3. daricksta

    First Batch Of Pastrami

    I've been wanting to make Katz's Deli-style pastrami for years. Last St. Patrick's Day I bought a prepared corned beef brisket to cut down on the processing time. It looks like it was sliced so that it contained both the point and the flat. Next time I'll buy a flat and brine it myself. I...
  4. daricksta

    My First Beef Ribs

    Over 30 years ago I had my first and only beef ribs. One of my brothers-in-law roasted them in his kitchen oven and they were incredible. He was visiting last week and he was party of a grilled cheeseburger dinner party we threw for my wife's family. I decided to return that decades-old favor...
  5. daricksta

    "Cold Smoked" Teriyaki Beef Jerky And The AMNS

    Recently I got the 6x6 A-MAZE-N Smoker (AMNS) and used it first with apple wood Dust to smoke cheeses a couple of weeks ago. It worked incredibly well. I had filled three rows with Dust. The Dust lit easily and it only burned 1.5 rows over 4 hours. I decided to use it again for smoking teriyaki...
  6. daricksta

    Points Question

    Are we no longer handing out points with this new forum set up? I don't see a button for it.
  7. daricksta

    First Batch Of Smoked Cheese With The AMNS

    I bought the 6x6 A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker some months ago (I've been using the AMNPS for years) for cold smoking with AMN Dust. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year (so far) here in the Puget Sound area and so I decided it'd be a great day to smoke the Jarlsberg, mozzarella, and sharp cheddar...
  8. daricksta

    A Great Food Slicer At A Bargain Price

    I'd been reading food slicer reviews for years but was unable to find one that I thought was both reliable and would suit my needs. Then my friend Jim (Jted in these forums) told me he really liked his Nesco FS-200. He just wished the blade was larger. I already own a Nesco food grinder which...
  9. daricksta

    Anyone Use The AMNS For Cold Smoking?

    Todd's got the 6x6 AMNS on sale and I'm interested in buying it for cold smoking. I've used the AMNPS for years but too much Dust falls through the bottom. Is this less of a problem with the AMNS? Todd's description is that it's designed for cold smoking but I want to make sure it keeps dust...
  10. daricksta

    There Is A Difference Between Low And Slow And Lower And Slower

    ThermoWorks sent me a very interesting newsletter which confirmed in print what I've instinctively and logically thought. This also applies to a Crock Pot that has Low and High settings. A number of SMF members prefer to smoke at 275°F but I've chosen not to because, to me, real low and slow...
  11. daricksta

    "Hot" Smoked Cheese

    There's a small company here in Washington state that sells what it calls "hot" smoked cheese. What they mean is that they smoke it over 100°F instead of cold smoking it. That results in a softer, more flavorfully smoking cheese. I set out to try to replicate what they did and I'm very happy...
  12. daricksta

    Baby Back Ribs...Naked

    Yes, I'm no longer wrapping my ribs. What you see are two racks of baby backs, one was from a Duroc Heritage breed pig that I decided to try. Both racks turned out differently from each other but when I switched the smoker racks they were on I lost track of which ribs was which. I used a Kansas...
  13. daricksta

    Brisket And Burnt Ends!

    I bought a whole 14 lb. beef brisket from Costco awhile back and yesterday finally took the time to smoke it in my MES 30 Gen 1. I used a Kansas City Sweet and Smoky Rub from one of my grilling books. It's my favorite old standby for ribs and brisket. The set point was around 235-242°F (with the...
  14. daricksta

    Does Anyone Use Weber Lighter Cubes To Start Their AMNPS?

    I use the Weber Lighter Cubes to fire up charcoal briquettes in my Chimney Starter for my Weber kettle grill. But I got to wondering if they would also work to get wood pellets smoking in an AMNPS. I've used a propane torch and gel firestarters. Propane works best, the gel is both messy and not...
  15. daricksta

    Words That I Live By

    Years ago I coined two phrases and they're just as true now as they were then. 1. I know everything there is to know, just not all at the same time.  2. I am never wrong, just less correct. 
  16. daricksta

    Steven Raichlen's Take On 3-2-1 for Smoking Pork Ribs

    He also prefers St. Louis style ribs to baby backs. Thoughts? http://barbecuebible.com/2016/10/11/smoking-ribs-3-2-1-alternative/?utm_source=Up+In+Smoke+Subscribers&utm_campaign=daafe8c615-MailChimp_102516&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5ccbbb292a-daafe8c615-117591033
  17. daricksta

    Brisket And Burnt Ends

    Had a 5 lb. remainder--including the point--of a whole packer brisket so I decided to try my hand at my first attempt at burnt ends. You can see from the photo that I got some nice color but, for the most part, the meat didn't get crunchy enough for me. I cooked them at around 235-243° for two...
  18. daricksta

    My Latest And Mostly Best Baby Back Ribs

    I smoked these yesterday in my MES 30 Gen 1 over pecan wood pellets in my AMNPS. I used a rib rub recipe from one of Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe's books. My hoped-for set point was 225° but the MES controller is has been acting up. The temp stayed mostly in the high 260s-280s, lowering at times down...
  19. daricksta

    MES Cleaning Tip

    I just finished a smoke yesterday and today when I cleaning my MES 30 Gen 1 I looked at all the carbon buildup inside. It was really hardened around the door frame, on the walls, the ceiling, the wood chip loader, everywhere. I don't like to do heavy duty interior cleaning (I do take out the...
  20. daricksta

    Any Consensus Over Opitmum Brisket Internal Temp?

    I've been smoking both beef briskets and pork shoulders to an IT of 200°. But I've been reading that the pros recommend 190-195°, the most popular being 195. I thought that at this temp not all the soft fat renders down and the meat is still a little tough. What are the thoughts here about the...
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