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  1. hemi

    Sale on Prime Rib

    Prime Rib at Food Lion Stores..    Regular- 8.99                                                       Sale- 4.99 I will try to leave U some.  If I can float a loan, youall are S.O.L..   Hemi..
  2. hemi

    Personal Patio Queen.

    This is an old smoker that I built outta scrap iron that the bossman gave me.  A few years ago.  I have since converted it to reverse flow and lately I added a verticle attatchment. I used a stationary mount LP tank[22gal I believe] and the fire box is 1/2'' steel plate The verticle box is 1/4...
  3. hemi

    Vert. attatchment build/add on

    Last year , I think it was, I decided to build a horiz. offset outta a pile of junk I had at work and a short time later I converted it to R/F ..  It has worked out great.  Just right for the wife and myself.    Here lately I been reading the forum posts about BACON..   I got the cravin'...
  4. hemi

    Beef sale at Food Lion

    If you live near a food lion [mainly NC.] they are havin a sale on whole beef sirloin beef tips this week.  1.98 per.   I will try to leave you some.. 
  5. hemi

    Chucks with Walnut wood.

    Been meanin' to try this and finally did. I hauled 2 chucks outta the freezer [bout 3 lbs each] covered with a basic rub and fridged overnite. Several folks have told me that walnut should not be used for smokin meat . Too much oil in the wood ,etc... The only thing I noticed was...
  6. hemi

    Loin Sale

    Food Lion .. Boneless Pork Loin 1.75 per lb. I left some there this evening. Hemi..
  7. hemi

    Boston butt sale

    Food Lion has some good lookin butts for 96 cents per pound. good thru tuesday. I tried to leave you a few. Think they had some hid. Hemi..
  8. hemi

    Whole ribeye info..

    I got a buddy in the grocery business that can sell me a few whole ribeyes that weigh about 10 pounds each in the cryopac for 5 bucks a pound . IS this a good price and how is the best way to cook it in a reverse flow offset that U see below so it is tender and edible ? Thanx, Hemi..
  9. hemi

    need info on beef bacon.

    Wife has been told not to eat pork because of blood pressure problems. Is there any way to make Beef bacon that is practical? Maybe like U would Canadian Bacon ? Got the equipment just lack the info.. Thanx, Hemi
  10. hemi

    Vertical attatchment for offset.

    When I built granmaw I was not aware that I would ever need a vertical smoker. Today I smoked some Canadian Bacon and I had to lay it down on the grate. It turned out second best thing in the world. and I ain't talkin sliced bread here. I ain't much with editing pictures but this is a pix of...
  11. hemi

    Snow-Smoked Canadian Bacon.w/ view..

    I got about 9 pounds of CB that I gotta do something with today or tommorow.. according to the fry test it ain't gonna get no better. bout'the way we like it NOW.. BUTT !! the conditions just ain't the way I had planed when I put it on to cure. Will I get drummed outta the club if I do it...
  12. hemi

    Formal wedding

    One of my buddies from up north a bit told me that the big difference between a wedding and a FORMAL wedding is that a formal wedding the shotguns are painted white.. Hemi..
  13. hemi

    Canadian bacon question

    I got a 9 pound whole pork loin and cut into three equal pieces and mixed 1tsp of cure #1 per five pounds of meat and 1 tbls of kosher salt per pound of meat . I also threw in about a cup of light brown sugar into the mix. I got it all inna bowl [covered] in the bottom of the fridge. It has...
  14. hemi

    Canadian Bacon Info needed.

    I got a couple whole pork loins in the freezer and I got the hots to make some Canadian Bacon. I ordered some ''curing salt'' and it came today. Is this what I need ? it seems to talk mostly about sausage on the wrapper and hams and bacon in the advertisement. If this is it, how about fixing...
  15. hemi

    The Funeral..

    As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a grave side service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Kentucky back-country. As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost; and...
  16. hemi

    Bone-In -Loin smoke. With Q/View

    First Bone-in for me. Turned out Moist for a change. I been cookin' them to death. Old School Pork Scare I guess.. Wanted somethin besides turkey this year. Thanks for supplying the free advise. I smoked it with charcoal and oak that my neighbor was kind enough to supply. Guess I am...
  17. hemi

    Corned Beef Pastrami Question..

    I picked up a corned beef brisket today , flat cut, that I am planing to smoke into a pastrami next weekend and I can't find the post that i vaguely remember seing here a while back. It is 3 3/4 pounds and it looks a little on the lean side. need a little guidance here. Thanx, Hemi..
  18. hemi

    Help on rub needed..

    I might be putting the cart in front of the horse here but I want to use some dried jalapenos and sun dried tommatoes and sea salt as a basis for a rub. I got what U see here onna table. Has any of you got any thoughts on what I need to mix with it to make a decent rub? I am just gonna blend it...
  19. hemi

    Freezer Rant..

    One of my freezers quit over the weekend. I noticed it before I had any major losses. It was a maytag that was JUST outta warranty.. FIGGERS.. I got on the home depot site and priced a cooling fan from their parts department. over 125.00. will ship monday if I punch the button. I went...
  20. hemi

    perfect supper q-view

    This is what I consider a perfect supper. A little light on the veggies but that is the way I like it. This is part of the proceeds of my broken freezer. Boneless short ribs, Sourdough Bread, and fresh squeezed OJ..AND Sweet Baby Ray.. Hemi.. The shoulder and brisket points are still smokin..
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