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  1. ralphbrown05

    need help with my post on a different thread

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/115348/my-first-uds-drum-pics-included if you have any knoweledge on UDS smokers i could use the help... thanks
  2. ralphbrown05

    my first UDS drum (pics included)

    ok everybody this is my first UDS drum build... it was a refurbished drum that i got for 10 bucks from our purchasing department at my work... i used the plans from http://www.bbqbug.com/forums/general-bbq-grilling/832-our-uds-cooker-how-build-one-part-1-a.html  to a T... this is the original...
  3. ralphbrown05

    question on slaughterhouse brine

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/83932/turkey-brine ok after mixing together all the water, spices, etc, is it a good rule of thumb to boil it for a few minutes to let out the full flavor of all the spices? then let it cool to room temp and then pour over the turkey? this will be my first...
  4. ralphbrown05

    question on UDS build

    hey peeps, with my plans for my UDS, im wondering why i dont see alot of people putting in doors on the bottom so they can open a door to add more fuel or wood as necessary?  i want to do that and put in gasket used for fire places or stoves... and can someone post a link on lowes or home depots...
  5. ralphbrown05

    the myron mixon way of doing chicken?

    has anyone ever done chicken the way myron mixon does it with the cup cake pans? he trims them up all nice and uniform and then he cooks them in cup cake or muffin pans...
  6. ralphbrown05

    questions on smoker build

    hey peeps, ive got a food grade 55 drum for 10 bucks today, but im having trouble finding a fire box... the guy i got the drum from has a ton of 20 gallon propane tanks like you would use for a gas grill... would that be sufficient enough for a side mount smoker?
  7. ralphbrown05

    need help with first pig roast (for a marine)

    ok its that time of year again, my cousin who is in the marines was sent back to africa for another tour in djuboti... hes set to return in the beginning of february, and i got to talkin to him, and we want to do another bbq for his safe return... and ive done just about everything there is to...
  8. ralphbrown05

    Smoking shoulder in aluminum foil pan questions

    I'm doing a family get together this weekend and I'm doin 2 shoulders but I wanna try to smoke them in foil pans...has anyone done this? What was your outcome?
  9. ralphbrown05

    its finally time to do my cousins bbq with qview

    after serving in africa with the marines for 7 months, its finally time to have my cousins welcome home bbq...heres what ive got so far to smoke...a pork shoulder, a brisket, 3 or 4 racks of ribs, wicked beans, homemade mac n cheese, collard greens, dirty rice, potato salad, and carrot cake for...
  10. ralphbrown05

    time for the ga-fla bbq....qview

    i picked up a 7.5 pound pork shoulder Boston But from walmart today, with 2 slabs of beef back ribs...never done beef ribs before, never even had them...so well see how it turns out...only took a picture of the one pork shoulder...
  11. ralphbrown05

    which cut do you prefer..picnic cut or boston bit

    Ok I've never smoked a picnic shoulder..I was wondering what what's the difference in terms of flavor and tenderness?
  12. ralphbrown05

    florida-georgia this weekend

    get ready for some awesome qview this weekend and next weekend...this weekend im cooking for a party that im going to for the florida georgia game...im doin some spares, and pork shoulder, along with the wicked baked beans...im gonna try something new for the wood...i went to barbecuewood.com...
  13. ralphbrown05

    brisket question

    ok when smoking brisket to make burnt ends, is it a good idea to cut the cap off the flat, and smoke it seperate from each other?  because next time i make some baked beans i want to put some of the smoked brisket in with the beans...or should i smoke it as a whole piece of meat?
  14. ralphbrown05

    holding in cooler question

    ok on sep 4th i stated in a previous post that im doing a welcome home party for my cousin who just got back from africa, cuz hes in the marines, and im doing a 7 pound pork shoulder, a 9 poundish brisket, and about 3 racks of spares, we want to eat around 12 or 1 due to family having to travel...
  15. ralphbrown05

    to score or not to score fat?

    when doing a pork shoulder for sliced or pulled pork, does anyone ever score the fat cap while smoking fat side up?  and what difference does it make
  16. ralphbrown05

    im an addict

    hello...my name is ralph...and im addicted to smoked food
  17. ralphbrown05

    how do bbq joints time to put there meat on

    OK i just watched a bunch of clips on you tube of diners drive ins and dives, all were BBQ clips, and i was curious, what time and how often do they put meat in there smoker...do they just load the big cuts in first, then put there chicken, and ribs in next, because Ive had people tell me that i...
  18. ralphbrown05

    do you foil or not?

    ok every time when i smoke..no matter what it is, pork shoulder, ribs, and now brisket i always wrap it in foil once it reaches a certain temp...but im curious on how it would turn out with just smoking it unwrapped all the way from start to finish...when i wrap  it seems that i dont get a good...
  19. ralphbrown05

    my first brisket ever...QVIEW WITH FINISHED PRODUCT

    ok here it is, a nine pound packer that i got from wally world for about 18 bucks...not sure if thats good or bad considering that this is my first one...i rubbed it with salt, garlic powder, onion powder adobo, and some mckormicks (check spelling) sweet and smokey rub...then layed it fat side...
  20. ralphbrown05


    OK this is the longest smoke that I have ever done...im goin on 12 1/2 hours with one pork shoulder that was on a plateau between 140-150...it was stuck there for like 5 hours almost...so 2 racks of baby backs, and 2 pork shoulders... there ya have it...all im waiting for is that...
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