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  1. bbqbrett

    Any one here from Idaho that is doing competitions?

    If so there is the Bands, Brews and BBQ contest in September in Boise. http://www.idahobbq.com/
  2. bbqbrett

    Some pork shoulder and double smoked ham

    Did a half pork shoulder and a small double smoked ham yesterday. Had never done either before so it was a fun learning smoke. Injected the shoulder with straight apple juice and rubbed down and ready to go. Injected the ham with a store bought sauce that was thinned out with water and apple...
  3. bbqbrett

    Even Bigger Saturday Cheese Smoke

    I was able to get some more cheese done this past Saturday. This time all smoked with hickory and charcoal. The weather was nice and mild and the smoke went about 3.5 hours. With any luck I will be able to maybe get in some more this upcoming weekend depending on the weather. Did 8 chunks of...
  4. bbqbrett

    Saturday cheese smoke

    Got a small batch smoked on Saturday. Smoked with a couple of briquettes and an apple wood chunk. Not sure in anybody else ever uses briquettes at all. Anyways to small bricks of muenster, which I haven't done before now. one small and one larger colby jack, small brick of medium cheddar, and...
  5. bbqbrett

    Smoked some beef ribs Sunday

    Found a few beef back ribs in the store on Sunday and thought they would make a good meal. Got them all seasoned up with SPOG + CP (chili powder) Did them with a 3-2-1 method using oak chunks on a bed of charcoal. After 3 hours of smoke: Wrapped for two hours with some butter, more...
  6. bbqbrett

    1st smoked pork chops.

    Smoked some pork chops for the 1st time last night. Just used some store bought rub from Weber and smoked with charcoal and peach wood. They were only around 1\2" thick and came out with a very rich, smoky flavor. Will definitely do it again and try some more flavor combos. Sorry but I did...
  7. bbqbrett

    Augies BBQ in San Antonio

    Little late in posting this but I was on vacation in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and went to a place called Augies. Sorry but I forgot to get picks. I got pulled pork brisket and sausage. The food had a lot of good smoke to it but otherwise the place seemed pretty average. From what I...
  8. bbqbrett

    Had to smoke some cheese.

    Actually did this a week ago. Have it vac sealed now. Hope it turns out good. Before and after Smoked with hickory. Got distracted and it was pretty close to the melting point but I got it off before it went through the grates.
  9. bbqbrett

    My trip to Franklin BBQ

    I got to go to Franklin BBQ. Went for my b-day on 5/22. Yeah I know pretty sad that I waited this long to post about it but was on vacation and was doing other things. Had a fun trip though! Got there almost right at 8 a.m. and this was the line in front of us already. Shortly after we got...
  10. bbqbrett

    Made Beef Ribs 1st Time Yesterday.

    I had never done beef ribs and wanted to give it a shot. Picked some up at Fred Meyer. Seasoned simply with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Smoked with a combo of hickory an pecan. One hour in: After three hours of smoke and ready to wrap. Put some apple ale in the foil and let them...
  11. bbqbrett

    Found these this weekend

    Picked them up at Hastings for only $2.99 each!
  12. bbqbrett

    Fruita Wood

    Has anyone here ever ordered wood from Fruita Wood? Any thoughts or opinons etc.
  13. bbqbrett

    Question about wood chips from whiskey barrels. Need advice.

    Yesterday I saw a friend of mine. He frequents a bar and they know he smokes food as well. They gave him chips from a newly destroyed whiskey barrell. He can't use them so he gave them to me. They smell wonderful but they are still soaked\wet from the whiskey. Have a few questions as I have...
  14. bbqbrett

    Smoked almonds are great!

    I have done smoked almonds (and sunflower seeds) a number of times now and they come out great.  I have been taking them to get togethers at friends houses and they love them.  I have generally just been using a basic bbq spice rub to coat them and smoking them with hickory or a hickory mesquite...
  15. bbqbrett

    Three Beers

    A man walks into a bar and orders three beers.  The bartender pours the beers and the man drinks them down one after the other, pays his tab and leaves. The man comes into the bar the next night and does the same thing.  This happens day after day, week after week year after year for nearly a...
  16. bbqbrett

    1st Q this year: Chicken

    Decided to make some chicken after work yesterday.  Smoked for about an hour and 15 minutes with pecan wood.  Wrapped in foil afterwards with some orange juice and then slowly glazed with a yummy (cheat) sauce. First of the year so far and it tasted really good!  Leftovers were good for lunch...
  17. bbqbrett

    Checking in

    I have been reading the boards, and newsletters here for some time and finally decided to join.  Seems like a good place! I have always loved bbq food and the last few years have been smoking\grilling with a friend from work.  We have done a couple of KCBS comps and had a lot of fun.  My main...
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