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  1. cpanderson

    Umai meat several different ways

    So it has been a while since I started my meats so I thought I would post an update as they come to fruition. I already posted about the Bresaola, and will have more comments when it is done equalizing. Lomo Embuchado: A whole pork loin, seasoned and cured... then rinsed and sprinkled with...
  2. cpanderson

    Breseaola and Spanish Chorizo

    So I have been lurking and reading and lurking and reading and reading and at some point I started curing... so after a few months of waiting, here are some of the fruits of my labor. I haven't gone full fermenting/curing yet, so I have been using Umai bags.... but here are some pics of the...
  3. cpanderson

    Umai Salumi Bags Uneven Drying

    I have some spanish chorizo going in the fridge and it seem that some of the chorizo is losing water weight faster than others. Is this to be expected? I also have one that the umai bag has not released from the meat and it feels soft... should I throw it out or just let it keep going as long...
  4. cpanderson

    Another Umai Dry Aged Beef Humidity Question

    So I am dry aging a 12 lb ribeye roast in my newly put together temp/humidity controlled fridge. At the moment I do not have anything in the fridge to add humidity back because everything I have read says that I want a low humidity environment. I have a dehumidifier in the fridge set at 50% RH...
  5. cpanderson

    Kitchener #8 Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder for Sale

    I have a Kitchener #8 electric meat grinder for sale. Brand new, in original packaging, never opened. $200 + shipping. See link for additional specs and pictures. Location: Corona, CA
  6. cpanderson

    Ahoy Mateys from Temescal Valley

    I thought I would drop a line in the the So Cal forum and say hello. I'm happy to be among fellow meat enthusiasts! I've recently begun dabbling in the wizardry of smoking, and am doing research to gain confidence in starting to make cured meats/salumi. Any recommendations on where to procure...
  7. cpanderson

    1st Belly Bacon Smoking Away

    So after what seems like an eternity (2+ Weeks) going from curing to seasoning to drying in the fridge, I finally have my bacon slabs smoking away in my MES 30. I'm using the AMNPS with 40% Cherry, 60% Hickory. Right now it is about 55 degrees outside, so I am monitoring the temperature of the...
  8. cpanderson

    Cured Bacon Color Question

    This is my first attempt at making bacon, so I had a question about the color of the cured bacon that I have not smoked yet. I followed recipes I have seen on this forum to create a dry brine for some pork belly I bought. The cure for 1 lb is shown below, and I weighed each individual piece...
  9. cpanderson

    Smoked Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs

    Just got a new MES 30, so I was itching to break it in. I went to the local grocer, only to find that nothing was on sale, so I settled paying too much because I couldn't wait. I picked up some boneless country style ribs cut from the pork shoulder and seasoned with a dry rub I have lying...
  10. cpanderson

    Makeshift Knife Sharpening Jig

    I'm new to the forum, so I wanted to show off my new "Home Made" knife sharpening system I put together. Technically, the jig is from my Tormek wet bench grinder that I use for my wood turning gouges, but I adapted it to reach an exact angle with my Shapton glass stones. I use a 17 degree...
  11. cpanderson

    LEM #10 Manual Grinder Grommet/Cleaning Questions

    I just recently bought and used an LEM #10 Manual Grinder as shown in the pictures below. I was wondering if anyone that has used it removes the plastic grommet shown in the pictures to clean the unit, and if so, how hard is it to remove. Does removing/putting back in wear the grommet where it...
  12. cpanderson

    First Pinoy Sausage Batch

    Well I can't say that it was a disaster because I made some sausage and it looks like sausage, tastes like sausage... but damn, I was picturing it being what I see in the movies... lol... j/k... so first try at making sausage ever! Wife wanted me to make Langanisa, pinoy style, without the...
  13. cpanderson

    Chili Lime Garlic Pork Jerky

    Been doing some reading on the forum and there seemed to be an overwhelming appeal to trying pork jerky... so I happened by my food-4-less and found pork loin for $0.99 a lb, so figured, why not give it a shot! My dehydrator goes to 165 (my thermometer read 159, so not sure it gets to that...
  14. cpanderson

    First good batch of Jerky

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have made several batches of jerky using the hi mountain packages I was given as a gift when I received my Nesco Dehydrator. All came out extremely salty, so I had to eat the evidence so nobody would find out how bad it was. I finally decided to buy some...
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