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  1. devildawg

    Planning on buying a Kamado next year: cart questions

    Those cedar tables look gorgeous and should last a long time without rotting. He could do some reinforcing easy enough to ensure it held the weight of your ProJoe, and still keep the screws hidden For a little extra I’m sure. The problem is it would cost you like $2g to have it shipped from...
  2. devildawg

    Kustom Kamado Joe Classic II Table

    There are usually several local builds listed on our craigslist, and you could probably modify it from there. Or see if the seller would work with your designs? Key to stability is making the wood all tie into itself and redundancy bracing. Like you I didn’t want to see 200lbs of ceramic hit...
  3. devildawg

    Independence Day - Texas Styled Pulled Pork Sliders

    I wrapped it at 195 and then took it to 205 before resting it int he cooler for a little over three hours.
  4. devildawg

    Independence Day - Texas Styled Pulled Pork Sliders

    Thanks Chile, always good to get compliments from a pitmaster.
  5. devildawg

    Independence Day - Texas Styled Pulled Pork Sliders

    Thanks. HEB makes their own version of these rolls but same products basically.
  6. devildawg

    Independence Day - Texas Styled Pulled Pork Sliders

    We knew we were having a smaller gathering so I decided on a 9lbs Pork Butt for the crowd. I liked the Texas Style method that Malcom Reed posted and decided to give it a try. We served on sweet Hawaiian rolls with slaw and mustard potato salad. I mixed a potion with HEB Texas style bbq sauce...
  7. devildawg

    Kamado Joe Pizza

    so we made what is probably our best pizza to date. There is certainly a learning curve when making these, but man are they good. I can’t stand most retail pizza anymore. Ingredients: pepperoni, mozzarella, basil from garden, onion and some garlic sauce
  8. devildawg

    Pulled pork for family dinner

    I believe I actually drooled a little, great job
  9. devildawg

    20% off Ink Bird Thermometer Case Good Thru 4/30/2019

    Perfect timing, was just looking for something to keep these in
  10. devildawg

    Inkbird Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer 20% off Until 2/16/2019

    Thanks for the hook up, ordered a few and sent some more your way! Love my 4probe waterproof
  11. devildawg

    Tri-tip Carne Asada

    Great Job Chili, now I need to thaw some meat. It’s $5-10 per pound at my store so don’t feel too bad
  12. devildawg

    Pork Tenderloin

    Good lookin loin and pigs.
  13. devildawg

    New smoker, been a bit since I've posted

    Good looking put, and great looking ribs
  14. devildawg

    First time smoking - Pork loin

    Great Job
  15. devildawg

    Hello from Houston.

    Great looking spread, welcome to the board
  16. devildawg

    Kustom Kamado Joe Classic II Table

    Check the big green egg forums and search tables. They have tons of ideas and more than a few shared plans. I just adapted and added where I hade different thoughts. It’s just wood, and you can always buy more ... LOL
  17. devildawg

    Christmas Ribs and Pork Belly Burnt Ends w/Q-View

    Ran 235-250 through the cook. Had recover periods whenever I had to pull the ribs out to get the burnt ends which were below them.
  18. devildawg

    Holiday/43rd Birthday Brisket, w/ Q-View

    Great looking brisket
  19. devildawg

    This is going to be a difficult one.... need help buying new smoker

    Silly questions, but need to make sure. Your apartment complex has no issues with you having a fire source on the balcony obviously. Do you have a outdoor plug on patio? Have you checked voltage to make sure it is strong enough for longer runs? You can always put a weatherproof cover over it...
  20. devildawg

    Christmas Ribs and Pork Belly Burnt Ends w/Q-View

    Thanks gang. yankee2bbq the ring itself yes, but not sure about the pan. I will try it without the pan next time to see if it cooks faster not having a bathing pan below it. Also to save on cleanup if I used the pan again would foil line it.
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