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  1. TomCrump

    Charcoal rack for offset smoker

    You could raise your bottom charcoal racks by placing them on fire bricks.
  2. TomCrump

    Yoder Wichita vs Lang

    The Lang seems to be very popular, but I have no complaints about my Yoder Wichita. It's easy to use and produces great food. The fire box access was one of the deciding factors, in choosing it over the Lang. Adding wood and charcoal is a breeze in the Yoder. A full, large, charcoal chimney...
  3. TomCrump

    External rust pitting

    Cookers eventually look groady, no matter how well you take care of them. Surface rust eventually gets them all. The paint on my new offset's fire box has already started to go, and the smoker was new in September. By watching You Tube vids, it looks like it's not an isolated occurrence, and...
  4. TomCrump

    External rust pitting

    My guess is that the expansion and contraction of the metal pretty much eliminates the use of any type of filler product. As suggested above, sanding and feathering may be you best option.
  5. TomCrump

    Anybody cooking this weekend ?

    My sirloin tip turned out well, but, because of visiting friends, I was too busy to get pictures. The WSM performed well in the 40 degree temps. I'm glad that some of you posted pics of your cooks.
  6. TomCrump

    Anybody cooking this weekend ?

    "WSM" is a Weber Smokey Mountain. Mine is the 22.5" version.
  7. TomCrump

    Anybody cooking this weekend ?

    Actually, the snow didn't stick in the immediate TC area. The Bay kept things warm. When we went out for dinner last night, I did see cars that were covered in snow. My guess is that they were from areas 10+ miles out from The Bay. I'm looking forward to this weekend's cook. I'll place the...
  8. TomCrump

    Anybody cooking this weekend ?

    I know that much of that state got snow, this past week, but I wonder if any one is planning an outdoor cook over the weekend. I have company coming, from Ann Arbor, and I plan to throw a sirloin tip roast into the WSM, for Sunday dinner. This will be my first attempt at colder weather...
  9. TomCrump

    New offset smoker, opinions needed

    I suggest that you watch You Tube vids on the smokers that you are interested in. Most vids show close ups of the smokers. Pay attention to the welds and overall quality. Some of those welds, on certain brands, look like my 8 year old grand daughter did them. Once I noticed this, I quickly...
  10. TomCrump

    Lang Hybrid 36

    "I like my Yoder but found a huge like 20 page blog of this guy having to modify his door to get airflow to work right...thinking this would be corrected if ordered one from them. Yoder would seem to be best value based on space and cost. " I ran across that thread, too. It had me worried, but...
  11. TomCrump

    Any new Michigan Members?

    Thanks. I wondered about using a blanket, but I may try a smoke before purchasing one. Smoking during the Winter is new to me. I have lots to learn.
  12. TomCrump

    Any new Michigan Members?

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. The plan is to get some sort of roll up sun shield, placing them on all four sides of the Yoder's "garage". I've seen them at big box stores, in the patio section. You guys verified my thoughts. My deck gets too much snow for me to smoke during the snow months...
  13. TomCrump

    Any new Michigan Members?

    I joined the forum a few months back, but just "discovered" the Michigan group. I'm from Traverse City. My first smoker was an electric Masterbuilt, followed by the Dyn-Glo pictured in my avatar. Both are gone. (my son-in-law has the Dyna-Glo) Currently, I'm cooking on my trusty Weber kettle...
  14. TomCrump

    A Loaded Wichita, fully loaded

    Thanks, guys ! Ya. I'm having fun with the Yoder. There is a learning curve involved, and this was just my second cook. It went far smoother than my first cook, which went far better than the seasoning burn in. Choosing the Yoder was a process of elimination. In my opinion, it had the best...
  15. TomCrump

    A Loaded Wichita, fully loaded

    We entertained the kids and grand-kids on Saturday. Pork loin, bologna, kielbasa, beans and cherry tomatoes were placed in the Yoder Wichita. This was my second cook on this cooking machine and I am more than pleased with it's capacity and performance. As what has become the norm, I was too...
  16. TomCrump

    First brisket

    Last weekend, I did a 15# brisket at 225-250 F. It took 14 hours until it was probe tender. The meat was wrapped when it stalled at 159 F. I started checking for tenderness at 205, and it needed more time. I find it difficult to guess cooking times. Guests arrive, and the food may not be ready...
  17. TomCrump

    Looking at getting into the world of stick burners

    8-10 weeks may seem like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it really isn't. I don't own an LSG, but from what I've seen, they are great smokers. The company has a stellar reputation, too.
  18. TomCrump

    seasoning weber smokey mountain

    Like many of the others, I just fired mine up and used it. A You Tube vid by T-Roy Cooks showed me the vent settings. I used them, and my WSM (22") chugged along at 225 degrees. A week later, using the same settings, it again purred along at 225. Enjoy your WSM. I love mine.
  19. TomCrump

    Hi everybody, Josh here in central PA. Trying my first brisket today.

    Nice cook ! You were smart enough to take pics. I had the first cook on my Yoder Wichita last weekend (brisket), and, after being up all night to tend the fire, I was tired and forgot to dig out my camera. LOL
  20. TomCrump

    New smoker and first cook

    Thanks, Chris. I'll try the WSM in cold weather before I make any modifications. You probably saved me from doing some unneeded work.
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