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  1. archeryrob

    Spicy pepperoni snack sticks

    I found this recipe here from @R Blum and the Hot recipe is his original and the spicy is my clone that I tamed down. I can't take credit for the original recipe, but I am calling the spicy one mine. If you saw my previous post about pepperoni I made just 2 1/2 pounds of each style. I found...
  2. archeryrob

    Sausage stuffer gasket popping

    So yesterday I was stuffing 21mm casings. I had 20# to do for snack sticks. The right side at the same spot would pop the gasket up and start squeezing a ribbon of meat while I was stuffing. I would pull the head back up and clean it good with paper towels and get everything out. Then clean the...
  3. archeryrob

    Collagen Casings stuffing timing

    Can I stuff them the night before and rest in the fridge and smoke the next day? I have always stuffed in the morning and smoked then. I just want to make sure they won't get soft and fall apart. Made 20# of mettwurst and stuffed and sitting in the fridge to smoke tomorrow and wanted to stuff...
  4. archeryrob

    Butchering gloves

    I copied and pasted this off my blog. I got fairly good feed back on this post and thought I would share it here. These are my butchering gloves. I bought these to keep my daughter from cutting herself and found they work as insulation and cut protection under nitrile gloves. No more cold wet...
  5. archeryrob

    LEM mixer and emulsification of meats

    I was looking to get the 25 pound lem mixer that I can add on to the #12 big bite grinder. I make braunschweiger and hot dogs where you need to emulsify the meat. The drill mixer I use will do that just forcibly smearing the meat and fat together in mixing. The heavy drill has a higher rpm than...
  6. archeryrob

    Meat lugs

    Which ones are you using and happy with? I bought one from Weston and besides being expensive the lid just loosely sits on it. I am seeing affordable ones on Amazon but nothing matches to lids and nothing on if they fit and so on. These would make processing deer easier than buckets in the...
  7. archeryrob

    Big Bite and sausage making #8 or #12?

    Is the #8 enough for grinding par frozen meat or should I have the #12?
  8. archeryrob

    STX Turboforce II grinder

    Anyone using this grinder? I am thinking of adding it to my Christmas list for the wife to buy. I can't think of much other hunting gear to get and the Cabelas grinder I got years back is only 400 watt and I think I am going to break it trying to make sausage with par frozen meat and pork fat...
  9. archeryrob

    ECA, when to add

    I want to make 20# of Lebanon Bologna snack sticks tomorrow in the smokehouse. I bought ECA to add to the recipe I was using already. The directions say mix in gently and stuff and rest in the casings overnight. I was not sure about stuffing collagen casings and sitting them overnight if they...
  10. archeryrob

    Don't use black pipe

    I have some bad news if you use black pipe as I did. It sucks, don’t do it! Hunting season is coming and I need to make up some recipes. Our basement fridge died in late spring and I lost a lot of sausage and deer dogs and home grown chickens. My wife took forever figuring which one she wanted...
  11. archeryrob

    Rub Recipes

    Anyone have a rub recipes that are posted and shared they like? My wife has gotten very sensitive to salt and kind of get edema from too much salt and a history of gout in the family. So I want to make some for home use with no salt at all. She loves the Memphis dry rub stuff, but we just did...
  12. archeryrob

    Hot dog advise

    Ok, below is the recipe for the last time I made deer dogs. I like them, but I want to make them more meaty. 5# of deer to 3# of Pork butt to 2# pork fat is making 29% on my calculator. Should I drop some fat? The skin is not like a commercial skinless dog either. It meat like instead of like...
  13. archeryrob

    Smoker/oven combo idea

    Ok, I posted in this forum because I want to rebuild my fire box for my smokehouse to be dual purpose. I want to use it for smoking the smokehouse or damper that off and run it as an oven. This design works, but the design flaw is the pipe is rusting out. You can see the existing fire box. I...
  14. archeryrob

    Need a new sealer, hunter style duty

    I had a Food saver V3240 my wife got and they say this thing needs a 20 second break between seals and the board probably fried. I sealed 10 bags in a row after making bruanschweiger. I need something that can handle sealing processed game and not being really expensive. Delete, I am getting...
  15. archeryrob

    Inkbird IBT-6xt connection

    Anyone have one of these and have any troubles? I was running the smokehouse yesterday and running batch on the stove. So, I needed two temp probes. I had my IBT-6XT on the smokehouse and ET-733 monitoring the braunschweiger on the stove for IT and water temp. The Inkbird just quit connecting to...
  16. archeryrob

    Empanadas - Looking for ideas

    Anyone make any empanadas and have recipes they might recommend? I am looking for new ways to use the ground deer and mixed with beef and was thinking of these as small hot pockets.
  17. archeryrob

    Lea & Perrin teriyaki

    FYI, my wife found this at Wally mart and went back tonight and bought all 4 in the store. It’s not as sweet and has a whorechestersire flavor, how ever you spell that. She it putting it on wings. I never really loved teriyaki until now
  18. archeryrob

    Anyone made scrapple?

    Now, I am pretty picky and we love Rapa Scrapple. He have scrapple and waffle for diner sometimes. We have Hog pon and Country pudding they sell in the stores around here and its it not even close in comparison. Anyone make a clone or copy of this?
  19. archeryrob

    Chicken butchering

    I have killed and butchered a lot of stuff but never domestic fowl. Anyone have any pointers? The daughter went nuts and got chickens and ordered way too many roosters at 11 and 8 or 9 will be heading to the freezer and fridge in a month or so. I don't have a mechanical plucker, I did have a...
  20. archeryrob

    Oval pots

    I am looking to get an Oval soup type pot. My venison braunschweiger was a big hit with the family and friends that I plan to make more this year. with the standard boiler and soup pots I can only get 11" long casings in there sideways. Hopefully sometime affordable as it is all I am going to...
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