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  1. dwdunlap

    1911 Butchers manual

    As I endevor to try sausage making I ran across 1911 sausage making info and recipes for butchers. I find the info to be rather interesting and amusing as well as educational. Peruse if interested. https://ia800905.us.archive.org/29/items/secretsofmeatcur02hell/secretsofmeatcur02hell_bw.pdf...
  2. dwdunlap

    MES - Fill Tube question

    I use the expandable smoke tube but having trouble keeping it lite. I do the advised tricks: store pellets off the floor; microwave 3 min before loading; lite with a torch and let burn 10 min; chip loading tube pulled out 4" and rotated; top vent wide open; and I use LumberJack mesquite or...
  3. dwdunlap

    Inkbird Questions

    I am thinking of purchasing a new thermometer. I have a Maverick732 and Thermopro T20 but not trusting the probes anymore. To replace all four is costly so I maybe better to buy the Inkbird that comes with four. Looking at Amazon, I see two Inkbirds IBT-4S $54.99 and almost identical, the...
  4. dwdunlap

    Growing Tomatoes

  5. dwdunlap

    Health Nuts, this is for you

    Time to waste on something fun? Watch this...
  6. dwdunlap

    Dancing Turkey

    Happy Thanksgiving All :)
  7. dwdunlap

    Question: Whole Pork Loin

    Tom Thumb has whole pork loin on sale at .99 cents. I am wondering if there are parts of the loin better suited to different cooking. I.E. pork chops, roasts or grilling? I'm thinking I'd cut some 2" thick chops - is there a part or end of loin best suited for these? I'd also like to cut a roast...
  8. dwdunlap

    First Eye of Round

    EYE of ROUND - Sous Vide method "I followed the recipe provied by @Bearcarver and it came out great." Awesome, yes!! More incredibly AWESOME!! Difficult to keep everybody out of the way so the cook get in there!! This was the first time for an eye roast. First time also to use my new Sous...
  9. dwdunlap

    HELP: Smoked Chuck Roast

    I followed Jeff’s recipe https://www.smoking-meat.com/january-2011-smoking-a-chuck-roast all the way and while it tasted real good the end result was dry. Maybe one of you can help. I found a really well marbled Chuck. I injected as directed with the butter liquid but due to time constraints...
  10. dwdunlap

    Looking for Pork Butt advice

    It is great to be able to turn to SMF for information from experts! I have done a few practice runs now using my MES 30 controlled with a PID. I look forward to another “set and forget” smoke and thanks to tallbm - Master of the Pit! Your help, advice and picture tutorials have given me a...
  11. dwdunlap

    Butts and Prime Brisket @ Sam's - Plano, TX

    Just picked up a pork butt at Sam's today (Friday) at $1.62. Prime whole briskets at $3.62?? I don't know but I think those are pretty good prices. Yes?
  12. dwdunlap

    Green-Friendly Rotisserie for Naturalists

    Patent Pending Couldn't resist! DW
  13. dwdunlap

    MES II Question - protect the control panel from rain

    Seems like a design flaw to me but leaving the control panel unprotected from rain. Inevitably rain will start before smoking is over exposing the delicate electronics. Maybe some of you have come up with a solution? DW
  14. dwdunlap

    Questions - making snack sticks

    I want to make - eat - snack sticks. A little background... I will be the only one to eat the sticks. Rest of family will object because they're not store bought and smoked. Their loss! I'm trying to figure out how to utilize what I have for equipment. I don't want to invest in big equipment...
  15. dwdunlap

    Found Tri Tip locally at Kroger, Richardson, TX

    I was really surprised that my Kroger (on Coit Road in Richardson [N. Dallas]) actually carried Tri Tips. I asked the real meat man and he took to me right to the Tri Tips on the shelves. I asked if they always carry it and he told generally yes. However if I don't see any, get one of the older...
  16. dwdunlap

    First Butt in the MES 30

    First Butt in the MES 30 gen 2 Thanks to all of you on this forum and especially Chef Jimmy J.  I dared to put into use what I learned on here to subject an innocent pork shoulder to the heat. Turned out great!! I am not a complete novice and have done several butts, a few briskets and many...
  17. dwdunlap

    Link to OLD butcher recipes

    I recently bought a smoker and in searching for old-time Polish sausage recipes I found a collection I think you will get a kick out of in browsing through. Comes from an old butcher supplier, B. Heller Co. Chicago. I think may still be in business, and this was meant for commercial butchers...
  18. dwdunlap

    Dyna-Glo Dual Burner LP Smoker

    Dyna-Glo Vertical Gas Smoker Dyna-Glo   #DGW1235BDP-D by UPS picked up my DynaGlo propane smoker yesterday and it's on its way back. THANK GOD FOR AMAZON!! I couldn’t use this product for my intended purposes – Smoking Meat Low and Slow. Right out of the box, testing runs showed two major...
  19. dwdunlap

    Water Pan or Not??

    I have a new Dyna-Glow vertical gas smoker and read the many posts about smoking ribs, butts and brisket but don't see anything about the water pan. Can someone enlighten me whether to use mine or not. If not, why not? Looks like it at least needs to be in there to catch the drippings.  Will be...
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