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  1. R Blum

    Featured Pork Dumplings!

  2. R Blum

    Featured Pork Dumplings!

    Fried rice looks great too. Gotta recipe?
  3. R Blum

    Chicken sausage basics? Just a few questions

    The other week I wanted to make some chicken sausage but I didn't feel like getting out the grinder so I just bought some from the store already ground. I used this recipe and it came out quite good. 5-lbs ground chicken 1 ½ -tsp black pepper 1 ½ -tsp allspice 1 ½ -tsp sugar 1 ½ tsp...
  4. R Blum

    Grilled Deerburgers (Indoor)

    I wanna move in with Bear. That guy knows how to eat.
  5. R Blum

    Spicy pepperoni snack sticks

    Looking good. Sometimes I tame mine down a bit too. I like it real spicy the wife not so much.
  6. R Blum

    Craziest thing you have smoked...

    When I was younger I smoked a pretzel one time....oh you mean like in a smoker. LOL
  7. R Blum

    Netting size for back bacon

    Use these. https://amazenproducts.com/q-matz/ You can put them around your back bacon and use them over and over again.
  8. R Blum

    Spanish Chorizo

    Your Coppa seems to be stuck to the ceiling and your chorizo looks to be floating. How do you do this? LOL:emoji_joy:
  9. R Blum

    Cast Iron Biscuits

    We always called them drop biscuits.
  10. R Blum

    Canadian Bacon Ham (Not Smoked & Not Completely Cured)

    Was the pizza dough homemade or store bought?
  11. R Blum

    New member, long time lurker from Michigan

    Welcome from Michigans thumb.
  12. R Blum

    Food Saver Giveaway

    Put me in.
  13. R Blum

    120 gallon propane tank

    Be sure to remove propane before cutting. LOL:emoji_laughing:
  14. R Blum

    Best Flashlight for Nighttime Pork Steak Grilling

    I got an LED light that attaches to a baseball cap. Works great.
  15. R Blum

    Summer Sausage help?

    I usually start my SS at 140 degrees and gradually ramp it up to 170 degrees. When it hits 155 degrees I let it set in cold water for around 40 minutes. Your recipe is similar to what I use. I've never had a problem.
  16. R Blum

    Free to a good home.

    That didn't take long. And once again I am late for the race.
  17. R Blum

    Anyone from the SOO?

    Port Hope area. Just south of Grindstone City.
  18. R Blum

    A Different Take On Fajitas (W / Pics)

    I love Mexican food.
  19. R Blum

    stuffing sausage sticks

    Just buy a Jerky Gun. Same thing.
  20. R Blum

    Anyone from the SOO?

    I live in the Thumb and I sure would like Hawaii . But I do like the four seasons here in Michigan . Been awhile since I was up to the UP but sure is beautiful. Good thing you like snow and cold weather.
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