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  1. denappy

    Smoked chicken legs

    Brined for 5hrs; salt, apple vinegar, garlic and my favorite rub. Smoked at 275f until IT hits 170 ( like them done). Using apple wood for the smoke Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. denappy

    Pecans and Almonds

    Smoking some pecans and almonds this morning. Coated them with some butter, seasoned salt, sugar, chipotle and some onion powder. Smoking at 215f with apple wood Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. denappy

    Fatties for the 1st time

    Rolled my first fattie for the smoker. Made the filling of potatoes, pablano pepper, onions, smoked ham and a dash of cilantro and garlic. Weaved some bacon and added the filling topped with some smoked cheddar (from last weekend; couldn't wait ).  Here are some QViews: Got my wrappers all...
  4. denappy

    First cold smoke cheese

    Cold smoked some cheese this weekend, looks like it worked out great - can hardly wait to dig into it in a couple of weeks.  I smoked up some Cheddar, White Cheddar, Pepper Jack and some Colby.  I used applewood pellets in the AMPS and it worked great!! Pictures: Getting started: Chugging...
  5. denappy

    1st Pork Loin

    Started yesterday with a Soy Sauce/Onion/Vingar/Brown Sugar brine.  Let it soak overnight then smoked it at 250 until it squealed to be eaten.  Let it rest for 30 minutes in foil, then into our bellies! Here they are after resting for 30... Now sliced and begging to be eaten...
  6. denappy

    Hello from Golden

    Hello from Golden Colorado!  I've been smoking (burning) meat for several years and really enjoy both the activity and the results.  I love smoking ribs, turkeys, salmon and turkey for the holidays.  Looking forward to meeting the fine folks on this board and sharing thoughts, ideas and...
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