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  1. hemi

    OH WOW! THE McRIB IS BACK!.....yuck.

    Only thing I go there for.. AND the tender pork and gravy biscuit.
  2. hemi

    JJ's Finishing Sauce...Awesome!!!

    I steal a LOT of recipes .  Most of the best ones are pretty simple.  This one sounds simple enough .  I am willing to bet it WILL be Great.. Consider it stole..  Hemi..
  3. hemi

    Official 1st Annual North Carolina Gathering April 27th - 29th (Now with More Pictures)

    I have been all screwed up this month. had my weekends mangled up.  Will probably be there saturday am  and hungry   Hemi..
  4. hemi

    Patio size offset smoker

    build one..
  5. cooker.JPG


  6. hemi

    Official 1st Annual North Carolina Gathering April 27th - 29th (Now with More Pictures)

    Can't make it.. I forgot about the autofair at the track...  Need parts for my roadster..  Hemi..
  7. hemi

    First Sauerkraut

    The last time I weighed a head that looked that size the only scale I could find was the one my BIL uses to weigh his bass that he loves to catch.. AND brag on..     Would U believe that head weighed 45 pounds EVEN !!    Never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself..
  8. hemi

    First Sauerkraut

    The ones I got from a friend was a coupla freebies.  The biggest was 17 pounds.  Funny thing is that the stalk was hollow.  Made great Kraut though. Hemi..
  9. hemi

    Official 1st Annual North Carolina Gathering April 27th - 29th (Now with More Pictures)

    I would like to be there on the 28th. Gonna try to steal some recipes and put on a few pounds maybe.  I am in Salisbury.   My Best buddy has been diagnosed with cancer and I gotta take him to the vet for another blood workup on the 27 th but the weekend of the 21st I will be able to come and...
  10. my buddy Mauser.jpg

    my buddy Mauser.jpg

  11. cooker.JPG


  12. hemi

    First Sauerkraut

    This thread has gotten plumb strange..  about a year ago I took up Kraut makin'    Because I like it.. always have..Grandma used to make it. I revived her recipe for what she called her''fancy'' kraut.  Half red cabbage, caraway seed , apple slices and sometimes onion and/or cucumber slices...
  13. kraut 004.JPG

    kraut 004.JPG

  14. 002.JPG


  15. kraut 001.JPG

    kraut 001.JPG

  16. hemi

    Suggestions on wood to use for Prime Rib . . .

    I use black walnut a lot because I got a bunch of it.  I think it is a lot like oak but a bit more mellow.    I only let prime rib stay in the smoke for an hour or so then I foil..   It gets a bit strong for us if I let it be ''naked'' the whole time.   I make gunstocks on a duplicator so I got...
  17. hemi

    Vietnamese style steak tartare

    I went through all the trouble to locate and buy the ingredients for Korean Kimchi for a smoking side dish.     THEN I met the Korean lady down the street. Now I pick up the Napa cabbage and she does the rest.. 
  18. hemi

    Quick Korean BBQ Diner

    I have a Korean friend that makes kimchee about every month. She makes a coupl quarts for me when she does. Wife says it gives me breath bad enough to run off evil spirits and most Lawyers..   [blood suckers in general] Love it though.   Good lookin' plate there.  Hemi.
  19. hemi

    How many Turkey soups are in progress

    I now always make my own broth and/or stock..  Have U ever opened a can of broth and took a sip?   NOTHIN'   If it is low sodium, LESS than nothin..  Bout like bottled water.. just payin for the packaging..  Hemi..
  20. hemi

    Sale on Prime Rib

    I collected on a project today and went down to the local Food lion and wiped out the stuff on sale [prime rib ] at 4.99.   I got a further discount and it came to about 4.35.. If there ain't none left for U .. Can't say I didn't warn U..! noticed the ny strip on sale for the same price but I...
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