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  1. BandCollector

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbrid Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer IHT-1P

    United States of America! Another great offer from a great sponsor. . . Thanks for the opportunity. Please count me in. John
  2. BandCollector

    Charcoal Run

    Yikes! I hope it was on sale! John
  3. BandCollector

    Time to improvise

    Very Nice! John
  4. BandCollector

    Dog or termite?

    Yep, my lab Molly loved to carry around wood chunks and would leave them everywhere in the yard when she got bored with them. I quickly forgave her when she began to retrieve my walking shoes from the bedroom when she knew it was time for her daily walk. Best retriever I ever had in the...
  5. BandCollector

    Time to improvise

    Here's the Mini I built
  6. BandCollector

    Time to improvise

    Good thinking. Always good to have an alternative. . . I built an UDS years ago and for some stupid reason sold it. I remembered how much I enjoyed using it so I'm in the process of building another one. John
  7. BandCollector

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbrid 150 feet Bluetooth Wireless Grill bbq thermometer with 6 probes

    United States of America! Thanks again for the opportunity. Please count me in, John
  8. BandCollector


    What! No pictures of the puppy? John
  9. BandCollector

    My WSM18's new cart

    @cmayna Something like that would be great for my UDS. Too bad it can't be made round but I will try a square and see if it will work. Thanks for the idea. . . Big Like John @BandCollector
  10. BandCollector

    Dust or Pellets

    Pellets will produce more smoke than the dust. When a mild smoke flavor is required use the dust and when a heaver amount is needed use the pellets. Both will work in the AMNPS tray. Just make sure both pellet and dust are completely dry. I hope this helps, John @BandCollector
  11. BandCollector

    Lost Retainer Ring

    Looks like a unique part. For the replacement of $2.99 I personally would have it overnight shipped. John
  12. BandCollector

    Brisket Pizza .

    @chopsaw I've got a couple killer pizza dough recipes that are easy to make and produce pizzeria quality dough. Give me a holler if you are interested. John @BandCollector
  13. BandCollector

    Red Oak vs white oak?

    Strip the bark and you can use either one. I don't know what Chestnut Oak is however. I seriously doubt if anyone can tell if food was smoked with red oak or white oak because I have used both and no one knew the difference. John
  14. BandCollector

    Kettle Pizza

    LOL!!!!! My smart phone will always be smarter than me. I am not from the generation that technology comes easy. But I was a teacher for 35 years so I don't give up very easily. I have to admit though that I am getting better with it even though it didn't dawn on me to copy the menu line...
  15. BandCollector

    Kettle Pizza

    Thanks @sawhorseray It worked in the Test Forum. . .I must be less stupid now thanks to you! John
  16. BandCollector

    Posting a previous thread into a new one

    Learned something today from @sawhorseray and giving it a try. Trying to post a previous thread into a new one. Here it goes: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/fathers-day-pizzapaloza.288008/ Cool. . .It worked! John
  17. BandCollector

    Kettle Pizza

    Got it! Thanks Now I feel less stupid! I am going to try in the test forum. If I succeed, the above statement will be partially true. John
  18. BandCollector

    Kettle Pizza

    @sawhorseray OK, where is the menu bar? I feel really stupid right now! John
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