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  1. big casino


    This started off as a 9 and 1/2 lb fresh porkbelly from my butcher, I needed 1lb of it for another Christmas project I am working on, so I cut off a 1 1/2 lb chunk for that and ended up with 8lbs of fresh porkbelly using the dry cure method from the book "Charcuterie" by Ruhlman and Polcyn I...
  2. big casino

    Hot Dogs!

    Thought some of you might get a kick out of this..... http://www.steelstamps.com/hot-dog-branding-machine.html
  3. big casino

    Holiday Gifts

    I have decided to make gift baskets this year and give them out to friends and family, and  in the baskets I am going to to make some SS and I'm thinking beirwurst, and some smoked cheddar and swiss, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is some place to buy those  little knives and cutting...
  4. big casino

    Ham and Bean Soup

    the wife made some bean soup on sunday,  couple of ham hocks boiled down for stock and she used great northern beans and some onion and a couple slices of ham , and opf course salt pepper and some other spices, it was delicious put the left overs in the refrigerator, today we got it back out to...
  5. big casino

    More ring bologna au natural

    I like making ring bologna with natural casings that way you can eat the casing  if you want to or peel it off Here are the "rings" hanging on my drying rack waiting for the casing to dry b4 I put them in the smoker I have 5lb 100% pork garlic bologna, and  about a 70%pork 30%beef blend for...
  6. big casino

    Maverick ET-732 testimonial

    Hey all been a while since I posted, but I get real busy all summer, plus it's kind of too hot to make sausage, but any how here in Pittsburgh at the restaurant depot they put boneless porkbutts on sale for $1.29 lb case price, so I had to pick up a case for the up coming sausage season, plus I...
  7. big casino

    Loaded up the smoker with some cheese

    I used the A-Maze-N saw dust smoker loaded with Apple top left to right: Gouda, Tomato Basil, Garlic, Colby Jack English Farm House Cheddar bottom left to right: Salami, Brick, Swiss, Colb Jack, Vermont Cheddar I used my MES30, with out turning on the element, it was around 75 here today, I...
  8. big casino

    easy way to make Bacon

  9. big casino

    Grinder faux pas

    Have you ever done something and thought "how in the world did I forget to do that' well one time I put the knife for my grinder in backwards... I thought to myself , lesson learned,  I'll  surely never do that again, well so far I haven't..... but tonight I got set up, started to feed in the...
  10. big casino

    Cabela's Commercial grade grinders

    I don't know if you any of you are looking for a grinder, but Cabelas is having yet another sale on their grinders!
  11. big casino

    How to do a bacon weave

    I dunno know if you have ever heard of,  or seen "Epic Mealtime" a you tube cooking show but these guys know bacon and you can learn how to do some awesome bacon weaves watching them, plus the things they cook are amazing and it is quite entertaining Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/user/EpicMealTime
  12. big casino

    Baby Backs!

    A friend of mine told me there was a store that had 10lb boxes of Baby Backs for $24.99 so I went and snagged a box, I am looking for new Ideas for a rub for on them  I normally just use some normal spices, SPOG and some Paprika and such looking for something with a little zing.... not hot...
  13. big casino

    WARNING sawdust users!

    Hey all I'm sure if you use saw dust at one point or another you have needed to dry out some of the moisture in your dust to get it to stay smoldering well I always assumed that if I left saw dust in the microwave that it could eventually get hot enough to ignite, well today  as I was trying to...
  14. big casino

    Jerky in the MES Q-view (update with finsished jerky)

    just good ole Beef jerky I used eye of round as it is probably one of the leanest cuts I can think of, First I trimmed what little fat there was I cut some with the grain and some against as i am not getting any younger and me teefers don't work as good as they used to (hehe) I Forgot...
  15. big casino

    Pennsylvania Dutch Potato cakes Q-view

    I grew up in Western PA, I am of German descent and grew up with the idea of not letting things go to waste,  there are certain things that I feel are regional or cultural, I maybe wrong about this as I am not a well traveled person, but also everywhere I have been I have  never been able to...
  16. big casino

    some pulled pork Q-view

    Here is why I wanted the kicker sauce recipes the other day one is a Carolina gold recipe and the other a Carolina kicker sauce and they are in the mason jars but the butt they were both awesome sauces and the pulled pork was awesome and juicy, and one of the best barks I ever got I...
  17. big casino

    Smoked Cheese with the A-Maze-N Dust burner Re-DEUX Q-view

    I smoked some cheese two weeks ago, and I decided to sample some, noticing I was going to be late for work I ran out of the house, My 2 hound dogs Scout and Bella, a Black Lab and a Yellow Lab, were quite appreciative of the snacks I left them on the counter, as my son came down stairs to see...
  18. big casino

    Carolina kicker Sauce

    ok at one time I had two awesome recipes for Carolina kicker Sauce one was the vinegar and red pepper style and the other was the mustard vinegar style, I seemed to have misplaced both of them, and can't find the place I nabbed them from, any of you have one you'd like to share? Thanks, Harry
  19. big casino

    Vension sticks with pics (not really Q-view)

    I am not considering this Q-View as it was too cold to play with the camera outside ... lol A first for me, I am not a fan of deer meat, but a guy I know asked me to make these for him, and since my wife likes deer meat I figured I would trade my skillz for some of his deer meat, I told him I...
  20. big casino

    Smoked Chicken Fajitas, Smoked Chicken Chipotle Burritos, Redpepper ABT Stuffed with Diced Smoked Ch

    First I would like to thank the people who were involved in the hard work setting this contest up, and I would also like to thank the sponsors who were kind enough to give such awesome prizes Ok Some times I am a bone head, and this is one of those times, I didn't know that we were supposed to...
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