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  1. sparks65

    Another pulled pork story.

    I did 2 pork butts yesterday. 5 & 5.5 lb. Total smoking time, 7.5 hr @250 +*. My diy controller worked well up until the last hr. It read just a bit under the set point where as the pit was 10-12* above....fan ran all the time. I caught it at about 275*, but no harm done. Some fer dinner last...
  2. sparks65

    DIY temp control question

    morning all. There’s a guy on YouTube from “Barley and Hops Brewing” that did a new video for setting up an Inkbirg pid controller. As I was smoking a pair of pork butts I thought this might be what I was looking for. I built a themp controller about a year ago but it never worked very well...
  3. sparks65

    Pastrami. Let’s try this again.

    The above pics were supposed to go with my preceding post. Just had a huge pain in the butt trying to post them. Post from an IPad as opposed to the regular pooter. Be that as it may. It was a damned good samich.
  4. sparks65


    1st crack @ pastrami. I asked the butcher for a 5 lb pcs of brisket. Don’t know what he did to it but it didn’t really resemble a brisket. Oh well onwards. I used “Meatheads” recipe for this cook. Soaked in brine with 2 tsp of instacure #1 for 8 days. Rinsed (with water change every e hr)...
  5. sparks65

    Roast beef question

    Morning all. I will be smoking 2 inside round roasts for Christmas. 3.75 lbs ea. Dry brined for 6-8 hr. Smoked on a Primo ceramic at 250*. I’m thinkin about 3 hr for an IT of 140*. Whatcha think? Thanks.
  6. sparks65

    Pork snausage

    Bacon wrapped, cherry smoked pork snausage. 240* for about an hr. IT at 160*. A bit high but I wanted the bacon done. Served with caramelized onions, roasted peppers,sauerkraut and bar b que sauce. Good eats. Having a bit of a hard time trying to upload an image. When I click on the Image...
  7. sparks65

    Baisic pork butts

    I did 2-4.5# pork butts yesterday. Pit temp was pretty constant @ 245*. Took a little over 10 hr to hit 198* (usually runs around 8 hr). They both stalled at 190 *, 8 hr in so I foiled. Plated with creamy slaw and jalapeño poppers. Pretty descent.
  8. sparks65

    Salmon fer dinner

    Nothing to fancy. Smoked a couple of Salmon fillets for dinner. 250°,indirect for about 30 min. used a seafood rub and a dab of butter. next time no foil. IT was 135+_. Plated with rice pilaf, carrots and fennel root.
  9. sparks65

    Brined and smoked chicken.

    Brined, smoked and spatchcock chicken. Brined 12 hr, rested 7 hr, smoked about 80 min @ 335°. IT in the leg 178°. Breast was supper tender, sloppy juicy, but I just don't like that pink meat thing in the leg. Yeah I've read all the stuff from "Meathead". But it just creeps me out. Sorry these...
  10. sparks65

    Chicken brine

    Morning all. I dropped a whole chicken in the brine ( 1 gal water, 1c salt, 2/3 c sugar) . It's been there for 12 hr. The plan is to rinse, pat dry and store in the fridge till 5 tonight, about 8 hrs from now. I was going to spatchcock, oil and rub. Smoke indirect @ 325*, and direct heat for...
  11. sparks65

    Pulled pork Mac n Cheese.

    Had my 1st crack at smoked Mac n cheese. Combined 2 recipes. I tried the one from House of Q and added a couple of steps from Martha Stewart (My wife favourite) bad idea. I added all the stuff the book said plus a lb of pulled pork to the mix, then added bread cube not crumbs for the topping...
  12. sparks65


    Did some smoked salmon starting Sat. 16 hr in the brine. Under the fan for 3 hr. About 1hr 45min @ 200°. Started basting @ 140°. Basted 2/3 times and off @ 190° . This is for apples not dinner and I don't like wet salmon. Damned tasty.
  13. sparks65

    Dinner / breakfast fattie.

    I made a fattie for dinner last night.  I have a picky eater in the family so I'm kinda restricted in the ingredients. I used 1 lb grnd beef, 1/2 lb pork, 1/2 lb mild Italian snausage. an omelet with garlic and grated onion, sliced ham and cheese. Smoked for 3 hrs @ 250° (way to low). In the...
  14. sparks65

    Rib ends.

    I cleaned out the freezer Sat PM and smoked up a bunch of side rib ends and a rack of BB.  3-2-1 for the BB and just 3 hrs in the smoke for the rib ends.  They went back to the freezer and we had the BB for dinner.  No plate up pics I'm afraid.  Turned out not to bad.
  15. sparks65

    Brined chicken update.

    1st.  My thanks to all that responded to my brine question.  Kudos to TallBM for his tips and advice re SPOG. As I was doing 5 full legs I experimented a bit.  3 went into a brine for 3 hrs in the fridge.  Patted dry and returned to the fridge for an hr. rubbed with garlic powder, onion...
  16. sparks65

    Chicken brine question.

    After noon all. I plan to smoke some chicken legs and thighs ( attached) tomorrow but I want to brine them first. I' kinda lerry about an overnight brine. Would starting the brine first thing in the morning be long enough or should I drop them in the soup tonight? Thanks.
  17. sparks65

    6 racks of spares.

    This is a smoke show I did on Sunday.  6 racks of spares on the Primo. Smoked for 3 hrs @ 250°.  I was planing to foil of an hr but when I poked them with the Thermapen...they were done. 5 outta 6 were great. #6 was to close to the heat column on the side and got a bit well done.  Pretty tasty...
  18. sparks65

    No foil spares.

    Morning all.  So here's the thing.  I'm going to be smoking 6 racks of side ribs (spares not BB) this Sat. on a Primo XL.  I'm thinking 225°.  With 6 racks I don't want to mess around with the foil (that I always do).  Having never done unwrapped ribs I did a Google and found everything from 3...
  19. sparks65

    Baby Backs for dinner

    Did 3 racks of baby backs. Did the 3-45-45 method. Not to bad but kinda dry. I'm thinking' 3 hr @ 240/250° might be a bit much?  I think I'll  try Smoking Al's technic next time.
  20. sparks65

    Beef Bonze.

    Mama asked for bonze for Mom's Day. Did them just like pork ribs. Plated with baked taters, pit beans and slaw. Mama was happy. But I gotta say, for big bold beefy flavour ya can't beat the damned Dino ribs. I kinda like them better than the brisket.  Not much for pics I'm afraid....but I was...
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