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  1. DIYerDave

    Using an Enterprise Stuffer for snack sticks???

    I make snack sticks with my 4qt. enterprise stuffer. I use a Lem 606A stuffing tube with 18mm collagen.
  2. DIYerDave

    # 32 manual grinder help

    Check and make sure the sharp edge of the knife is facing the plate. Is the knife and plate tight against each other. Is the knife sharp and the plate flat. Just some ideas for you check on.
  3. DIYerDave

    Meat thawing tool

    We use the frig for smaller stuff and cold water in a cooler for larger foods like whole turkey or pork butt.
  4. DIYerDave

    Covid is Real (Prayers needed)

    We will keep you and your brother in our prayers Bear. I pray that he pulls through this.
  5. DIYerDave

    Pa snowstorm

    Not me. I still have to finish digging out after work.
  6. DIYerDave

    Pa snowstorm

    We only had about 11" here in my area of Lancaster county. That's 11" too many as far as I'm concerned.
  7. DIYerDave

    Recent Posts About Tang

    The "agent" I would be using is cultured buttermilk powder. No instruction on that other than what I read on this forum. Most of that is from reading your posts. I just didn't know if the amount of meat had any bearing on the length of the fermenting step.
  8. DIYerDave

    Recent Posts About Tang

    Good write-up and explanation. I have a question. When a starter culture is added, does the length of time to ferment depend on the diameter of the casings used. Snack stick size vs 4".
  9. DIYerDave

    GIVEAWAY for an Inkbird NEW WiFi Sous Vide cooker ISV-200W

    That would be great. Sign me up. Thanks.
  10. DIYerDave

    Snack sticks on an Enterprise sausage press

    That's what I use. Its plenty strong even for the small snack stick tube. I recently made an adapter so I can use a ratchet on it and it is so much easier on my arm. No more cranking.
  11. DIYerDave

    Easy-crank sausage stuffer

    I thought of that too.
  12. DIYerDave

    Easy-crank sausage stuffer

    To anyone having trouble cranking their sausage stuffer, I made an "adapter" that bolts onto my stuffer that I can use a 1/2" ratchet on. So much easier than using a crank. I'm sure other peoples stuffers (and arms) would benefit from something like this also.
  13. DIYerDave

    LEM Motorized Big Bite Sausage Stuffer Experience - Gear Teeth Broke after 1st Use

    I would contact LEM and tell them this issue. If its still under warranty they might send you another one.
  14. DIYerDave

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Wifi Sous vide Cookers

    Would love to try one. Thanks for the opportunity.
  15. DIYerDave

    First time smoked chicken thighs

    Smokin Peachy, here it is right after I finished building it. It now resides on my deck.
  16. DIYerDave

    First time smoked chicken thighs

    Thanks for the kind words ever one.
  17. DIYerDave

    First time smoked chicken thighs

    My build thread is on here some where.
  18. DIYerDave

    First time smoked chicken thighs

    Been using my home-built smoker for awhile now with great results. Been making pulled pork and snack sticks. But I wanted to try chicken. So earlier today I rubbed some olive oil under the skins of some thighs. Sprinkled honey bbq rub on. Popped them in the smoker at 275° until IT hit 180°. Was...
  19. DIYerDave

    Hello from Beaver County

    Welcome, from Lancaster county Pa. You're gonna love it here.
  20. DIYerDave

    Century old stone smoke house?.

    Welcome, from Lancaster county, Pa. Post up some pictures. We might even be neighbors and don't know it.
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