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  1. DIYerDave

    Easy-crank sausage stuffer

    To anyone having trouble cranking their sausage stuffer, I made an "adapter" that bolts onto my stuffer that I can use a 1/2" ratchet on. So much easier than using a crank. I'm sure other peoples stuffers (and arms) would benefit from something like this also.
  2. DIYerDave

    First time smoked chicken thighs

    Been using my home-built smoker for awhile now with great results. Been making pulled pork and snack sticks. But I wanted to try chicken. So earlier today I rubbed some olive oil under the skins of some thighs. Sprinkled honey bbq rub on. Popped them in the smoker at 275° until IT hit 180°. Was...
  3. DIYerDave

    Fermented snack sticks

    I just mixed up a batch of snack sticks about an hour ago and this time I added a bit of bactoferm f-lc just to see what kind of flavor / twang it gives them. I also used cure #1. My plan is to refrigerate the raw batch for about 8 hours. Then ferment @ 80° for about 16 hours. My question...
  4. DIYerDave

    Commercial frig/freezer...looking for ideas

    Picked up this small commercial merchadising frig / freezer. Besides the obvious, looking for ideas on what to use it for. I thought about a curing cabinet. Any other ideas? It does seem to work, although it only gets down to 30°F. Can't find much info about it online.
  5. DIYerDave

    Sweet Bread'n Butter pickles

    So yesterday I was finally able to gather enough cucumbers from our garden to make up a batch of these. I've been making these for a few years now and my family loves them. They're easy to make and taste great. Medium size cleaned cucumbers. Maybe 6 or 7 lbs. Sliced about 1/4"+ thick and into a...
  6. DIYerDave

    First time smoke

    First time using my enterprise stuffer today and first smoke in my smoker. Got some venison/pork snack sticks going with my own spice mix stuffed in 17mm cologen casings. So far everything is going good. Been in about 2 hours with pecan pellet smoke. Smoker temp @140°, IT @120°. Long way to go yet.
  7. DIYerDave

    Vacmaster pro350 issue

    My vacmaster pro350 doesn't seal. Just wondering of anyone on here ever had that same problem and what you did to fixed it? It runs and everything seems to work. It has good vacuum. No error codes. It just doesn't heat the seal bar. I've tested a few things on it but so far I found nothing. I...
  8. DIYerDave

    Seasoning new smoker

    I finally had a chance to fire-up my new smoker for the first time. This was just a test run to see if everything worked ok and to season it. Coated the inside with bacon fat and non stick vegetable spray and ran it for 3 hours @ 275° with smoke. The Auber PID worked great. Smoke flow was...
  9. DIYerDave

    Deer and turkey sticks

    Me and my son both were lucky this past deer season so we have plenty of meat in the freezer. These sticks I'm making are a mix of ground deer and turkey. Got everything mixed up tonight and in the frig till Sunday. They'll be made in the dehydrator.
  10. DIYerDave

    Home-built electric smoker (UPDATE)

    I've been lurking here for awhile and finally decided to join. I get hungry every time I visit. I'm in the planning stages of building my own upright cabinet style electric smoker and just need some guidance so i don't waste money or do something stupid. Here's what i have planned. Let me know...
  11. DIYerDave

    New guy from Pennsylvania Dutch Country

    Greetings from Lancaster County, Pa. My family kind of got me interested in this kind of stuff. My brother gave me a taste of some pulled pork he made in his home made charcoal fired barrel smoker. Delicious! My mom and dad also make naked snack sticks in the dehydrator, which are also...
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