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  1. michael ark

    A little bit of every thing.

    pepperoni  garlic hot dogs  polish sausage dogs in ice water bath.  smoked pizza  Cherry was used on all.  Thanks for looking.  
  2. michael ark

    knife sale

    New west knife works haveing a fathers day sale 10% off whole site plus free express shipping. They have sponcered a throwdown here before.Thumbs Up
  3. michael ark

    Pink slime

    Did anyone see the story on abc about pink slime being put in 70% of all ground meat? If so what did you think?
  4. michael ark

    Honest food guide

    Was looking around the net and found this article.http://www.naturalnews.com/019396_nutrition_the_USDA.html  Not really sure how i feel about it.
  5. michael ark

    Somewhere to get spices

    Found somewhere to get spices.http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/penzeysstores.html  The store in Memphis will even make blends.This is were i heard about it.http://www.stateofq.com/pressroom/article/2011/sep/25/spice-grills-cross-roads/
  6. michael ark


    Has anyone read this?Though about asking Santa for it.
  7. michael ark

    Black garlic.

    Has anyone done this.http://www.teamddpyoga.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-make-black-garlic
  8. michael ark

    Grill covered in snow

    So it snowed last night.Tonight  it's falling out of the trees and hitting the roof like a wet beach towel.So  grilling out on the deck under said trees is out.But i have a good fire going in the fire place.The steaks are black Angus sirloin . The bed of coal was over 900f by my IR...
  9. michael ark

    My mods for gosm (Now with jet burner)

    I got most of it from harbor freight ,such as the welding blanket the magnets red are 30lbs and the black is 100lb.The super glue i use on the cuts to keep it from fraying.The air tight and ell are rated to 500f and are from Lowe's can on the end was burnt out and painted with high temp...
  10. michael ark

    New law ?

    http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/s-510-is-hissing-in-the-grass/  Please read the whole bill is their to be read.Just click on Food Safety Modernization Act*or, http://Food Safety Modernization Act*,
  11. michael ark


  12. michael ark

    Set and forget

    For all you who like a good nights sleep.http://www.auberins.com/  is having a sale on their temp controllers.
  13. michael ark

    This is new a GOSM users group.

    How many of us are their.I will be digging this.I will try and get my mod up soon but gun season starts on sat morning.
  14. michael ark

    Help spelling check

    It comes up (This page cannot be displayed The window was not opened from another window.)What other changes were made today?
  15. michael ark

    Bow targets

    I know this is not a food post but it may help some get some.On old targets you can refurbish them with a can of great stuff spray foam.Just shove the tube of the nozzle in old arrow holes and fill.Just make sure it has time to cure cause it supper sticky when wet.I have done it for years it...
  16. michael ark


    Here is a speech that hit home.
  17. michael ark

    ABT and brats.

    This was for supper. Stuffed with italan sasage and cream chesse and colby jack chesse. Homemade fries brats and abt's.
  18. michael ark

    pulled pork

    Still phone posting.Rubed and ready to go in. Bear veiw PP mac n cheese and KFC slaw.
  19. michael ark

    Another twice smoked ham

    Did another twice smoked ham.Was on sale $1.27lb Before After Bear veiw .No other veiws were took .We were hungery .I over slept and didn't get it on till late.
  20. michael ark

    Please add your locations

    For all you new users please add your location because it helps other user help you.Especially with winter coming.
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