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  1. michael ark

    boykjo's reverse flow build 05/07/2015 update

     Looks great . Love the saw .
  2. michael ark

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    Nice set up .
  3. michael ark

    1st ever build of any kind

    Sweet smoker!
  4. michael ark

    Gravity Feed Reverse Flow Vertical Smoker Build

    Looks great! Will be a sweet smoker.
  5. michael ark

    WearEver Proofer smoker build

    You will get more draw with a pipe.
  6. michael ark

    Vertical Propane Tank Smoker Build

    Were did y'all get the gas burrner set up? Looks great!
  7. michael ark

    5Oaks Smoker Build

     to me.
  8. michael ark

    Picked up this gem for $25! Needs a little work!

    Did you wear a mask?  Cause you robbed him. Good find!
  9. michael ark

    A little bit of every thing.

    It's the only time my water pan is empty .I put on high and get it up in the 370f 400f range and load it up .You load it quick as possible.I have a small piece  3/4 plate steel as a heat sink in the back.Then you just have to watch it from their.Outside temps mater humidity matters your dealing...
  10. phone pictures 241.jpg

    phone pictures 241.jpg

  11. phone pictures 236.jpg

    phone pictures 236.jpg

  12. michael ark

    A little bit of every thing.

    pepperoni  garlic hot dogs  polish sausage dogs in ice water bath.  smoked pizza  Cherry was used on all.  Thanks for looking.  
  13. A little bit of every thing.

    A little bit of every thing.

  14. phone pictures 143.jpg

    phone pictures 143.jpg

  15. phone pictures 139.jpg

    phone pictures 139.jpg

  16. phone pictures 1423.jpg

    phone pictures 1423.jpg

  17. phone pictures 1018.jpg

    phone pictures 1018.jpg

  18. phone pictures 1420.jpg

    phone pictures 1420.jpg

  19. phone pictures 1557.jpg

    phone pictures 1557.jpg

  20. michael ark

    Comment by 'michael ark' in media 'DSCF5267.jpeg'

    Looks good so far.
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