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  1. dean74

    Overnight Brisket W/ Q-View

    It was awesome! Cant wait to do another one! This was actually the first brisket I've ever cooked that I didnt wrap at some point!
  2. dean74

    Overnight Brisket W/ Q-View

    Seasoned up this brisket with EAT BBQ The most powerful stuff rub, and tossed it on the smoker about 8PM at 235! Didnt open the smoker again until the next morning at about 9:45am when the internal temp of the brisket was 205! Turned out awesome! Had to make a brisket breakfast sandwich real...
  3. Overnight Brisket W/ Q-View

    Overnight Brisket W/ Q-View

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  10. Gravity Feed Build

    Gravity Feed Build

  11. dean74

    Gravity Feed Build

    Well got a wild hair last week and decided I was going to build a gravity feed smoker for the house. Thought I would share my progress! It has been a fun build so far!
  12. 10708543_10152564226968882_6375650191973020003_o.j


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  18. dean74

    Lang vs East texas smoker company

    I use mine every time, I built a big basket for charcoal in mine tho it didn't run real good without the basket using the cyberq I load it with a bag of charcoal to get it going, after that I load about a stick every hour and it burns clean the entire cook.
  19. dean74

    Lang vs East texas smoker company

    How did you like the Cyberq?
  20. dean74

    Lang vs East texas smoker company

    What all did you have done?
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