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  1. dwdunlap

    Smoked Cajun Sausage & A Basic Tutorial (Lotsa Pics)

    Oh Boy Robert!! So helpful and generous. The illustrations sure answer a lot of questions. Ready to follow and make my own sausage. Going to start tomorrow with Keilbasa. One question... What kind of sausage did you make for this tutorial?
  2. dwdunlap

    Putting the smoker away

    Granted, Dallas is not North Dakota but it does rain, winds blow strong and it gets pretty cold. This is my smoke shack and it along with my MES 30 does pretty well schielding the elements. I ordered the shed from Amazon Through my screw-up, I double ordered so I do have one if anyone is...
  3. dwdunlap

    1911 Butchers manual

    As I endevor to try sausage making I ran across 1911 sausage making info and recipes for butchers. I find the info to be rather interesting and amusing as well as educational. Peruse if interested. https://ia800905.us.archive.org/29/items/secretsofmeatcur02hell/secretsofmeatcur02hell_bw.pdf...
  4. dwdunlap


    I'm just ready to stuff my first 5lb of Cajun sausage thanks to Robert and Steve. I'm anxious to taste and assure you Jambalaya is on the immediate calendar. Thanks for the idea.....
  5. dwdunlap

    MES - Fill Tube question

    Hey all! Great information. I think the muffler clamps must be to act as legs so the TUBE isn't resting on the bottom and blocking the bottom from getting air circulation. Add legs or u-bolts might solve it flaming out. I'll be checking out all your posts. The fill tube could be pulled out to...
  6. dwdunlap

    MES - Fill Tube question

    Richie, I'm intrigued. Put clamps WHAT? Are there air vents in the bottom of the MES?
  7. dwdunlap

    MES - Fill Tube question

    I use the expandable smoke tube but having trouble keeping it lite. I do the advised tricks: store pellets off the floor; microwave 3 min before loading; lite with a torch and let burn 10 min; chip loading tube pulled out 4" and rotated; top vent wide open; and I use LumberJack mesquite or...
  8. dwdunlap

    Best probe these days

    My 4 probe Inkbird works very well. It's so simple (has to be) that I can set it myself w/o having my daughter do it!! Easiest of the three thermometers I have. I only wish I had the 6XS for this weekend when I'll smoke two chuckies and could use two for ambient temps on two racks and put IT...
  9. dwdunlap

    I've tried Chrome and Internet Explorer but neither allows me to open the Ham attchment. Could...

    I've tried Chrome and Internet Explorer but neither allows me to open the Ham attchment. Could you please send me the recipe? I am interested for Thanksgiving. Thanks, David
  10. dwdunlap


    I must be missing something. I can't seem to open the recipe link.
  11. dwdunlap


    Sounds great! But, wheres the rest??
  12. dwdunlap

    Tabasco chocolate

    I'd sure like try these... Anyone seen them sold in a store I might look for locally?? (Chain Store) Hoping someone has positive sightings....
  13. dwdunlap


    I didn't know they had radical leftists down under too....
  14. dwdunlap

    First pork shoulder! With photos!

    Thanks. I think I'll try the combination of Smoke-Wrap-Smoke To Done and test it out. DW
  15. dwdunlap

    First pork shoulder! With photos!

    Fantastic job with your Pulled Pork!! I have a question for the group... If wrapping in foil makes mushy bark and butcher paper also makes bark soft - would unwrapping the last 10 to 15 degrees help firm the bark again?? My thinking is, wrapping is to shorten the time to get through the...
  16. dwdunlap

    Inkbird Questions

    I am thinking of purchasing a new thermometer. I have a Maverick732 and Thermopro T20 but not trusting the probes anymore. To replace all four is costly so I maybe better to buy the Inkbird that comes with four. Looking at Amazon, I see two Inkbirds IBT-4S $54.99 and almost identical, the...
  17. dwdunlap

    Disco Saw this and thought of you... Human Ingenuity: Chuckles and Wows | Dusky's Wonders...

    Disco Saw this and thought of you... Human Ingenuity: Chuckles and Wows | Dusky's Wonders http://www.duskyswondersite.com/human-ingenuity-category/human-ingenuity-chuckles-and-wows/ DWD
  18. dwdunlap

    Large pork Loin

    I'm with you on the explanation but how do you release vaccuum without creating a leak? I have a couple of loins and want to try the smoke and sous vide.
  19. dwdunlap

    Rib Tips

    I never used spares and thought cutting into St.Louis would be difficult. Not with your video! Thanks. Anyone who watches will agree but be sure to see the credits at the end. Hillarious!!!!
  20. dwdunlap

    Rib Tips

    Disco, that sounds good!! Thinking would be perfect for SB Sunday. Called Sam's to get some trimmings but told they are not allowed to sell trimmings. Where did your's com from?. Store or did you cut your own? I saw where JJ said he might go back to cutting his own spares but thinking would...
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