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    Venison Snack Sticks

    Hello all, I had a great hunting season this year, I got 2 does and a buck (5 point). My best year ever and my hunting buddy got 2 does. So we took 5 deer off of the 20 acres we hunt! Anyway, I made 10 lbs of Cajun snack sticks and for the first time added High Temp Cheddar. I like to use 16mm...
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    Pork shoulder for sausage question

    Hello all, I have a question, last Sunday I was going to make some sausage, I had and shoulder thawed, deboned and cut up. I then realized I had no idea where my grinder and stuffer were (i recently had a flooded basement and everything got boxed up). Yeah, I should have thought of that first...
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    Bacon (fist smoke in a long time)

    Hi all, I have not posted much lately as Life got busy. But I was almost out of bacon and you have to have your priorities right so bacon was made. I followed Bearcarvers Bacon (Extra Smokey) because you cannot go wrong with this step-by-step...
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    Brisket (it has been a while)

    I have not done much smoking lately so I picked up an 8 lb Brisket this weekend. Got it going yesterday at 9 am and it hit 190ish at 7:30 pm. It had great flavor and looked fantastic. I use the MES 30" at 240° with nothing but S&P. The smoke was a garlic spice pellet. It was a late dinner...
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    Cold Smoked Deviled Eggs

    One of the guys I work with gave me three dozen farm fresh eggs. I eat a lot of eggs but 3 dozen is a lot. So deviled eggs it is. Brought them into work this morning for the guys to snack on. An hour and a half with apple pellets (it is what I had) using the 6" A-Maze-N tube. Perfection! Yes...
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    Sous Vide pork ribs

    Local grocery store had a sale on Pork Ribs (got a slab for under $6). So I put them in Sous Vide for just over 12 hours at 165 degrees. Just a simple store bought run on them. Got the grill going and put them on just to char and get some smoke. They came out pretty tasty. Are they as good...
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    Anova Low Water Error

    Anyone have any issues with their Anova giving you a low water error? Mine is in a constant state (beep) that the water level is low. It is just below Max and has clearance at the bottom. I have unplugged to reset but it will not go away. Google shows other have this issue as well. I have...
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    Heart and gizzards.

    My wife picked ip some chicken hearts and gizzards thinking she would make a treat for the dogs. I got the Sous Vide cooker going last night to try making pork ribs (Post that later tonight) so I figured why not. Tossed the hearts and gizzards with bbq seasoning and into a bag. 165 degrees for...
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    Lonzino with Umai bags

    I had purchased some Umai Bags and misplaced them (getting old) but recently stumbled upon them. Pork Loins were on sale so I figured I would give it a try. I had followed the recipe provided with the Umai bags and watched their video on YouTube a few times. This is two pieces that started at...
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    Pork snack sticks.

    Started getting my stuff ready for the christmas gift for the guys in my department. Step one. 15lbs of hickory snack sticks. Ground it up added the seasoning and cure. Stuffed them in 16mm collagen casing. Let them sit overnight then cut them into 7 inch sticks. Smoked them to an internal temp...
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    Be Honest

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    Leg of lamb roast (boneless)

    Picked up a 4 lb piece of lamb last night at CostCo so into the Sous Vide it goes today. Started it by searing all sides in a pan to get some color and flavor going. Took 3 cloves of garlic and three sprigs of rosemary and sauteed them with the fat and a tablespoon of butter. Then into a bag...
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    Venison neck roast.

    I had a good bow opening day and got a nice 8 point. Tonight I smoked the neck roast and it came out great. 2.5 lbs just sslt and pepper. Used hickory chips on my ceramic smoker. Thanks for looking. Link
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    Pork Belly Score

    I was at Costco last night and wanted to get some pork belly (I already have two in the freezer but I try to pick them up when I can). They have been $2.99 a pound for a bit now but yesterday they had it for $2.69 a pound with a $4.50 instant rebate! I got two 9 1/2 lb bellies they were $25 and...
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    Love Bacon

    Hits close to home.
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    Mustard eggs and Kielbasa

    Was not sure where to put this so I thought this was a good spot. October 1st is coming and for me that means two things: 1. My sons birthday (going to be 21 this year) 2. Opening day of bow season (Deer hunting). You can see the dilemma I have had (We have celebrated many birthdays before or...
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    Awesome Sous Vide Chuck Roast

    I took out a nice chuck roast on Sunday afternoon and placed it in a Sous Vide and let this go at 135° for about 17 hours. I took it out of the SV before work on Monday as I do not like it to be going when I am not home (I am funny like that). Came home Monday after work and back into the SV...
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    Top Round Roast

    My mother in law gave me a really nice little Top Round Roast so I put some Salt, Pepper and Basil on it and smoked it in my MB 30" with Apple pellets (was also doing Canadian Bacon with Apple so apple it is). I took this to an internal Temp of 140° and then let it sit as it was for dinner later...
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    Labor Day Canadian Bacon

    So I recently did some Canadian Bacon Using tender loins and wanted to do some with a full loin so here it is. Picked up a full pork loin from Costco (about 9 lbs) and made some Canadian bacon. I followed Bear's steps for making this (always comes out great). let it cure for 7 days and them...
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    Too much apple sauce.

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