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    Wrapping ribs without liquid

    I have tried several different methods of cooking STL ribs, but I have never wrapped in foil with no liquid. Is there anyone here that does this?
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    Odd Brisket

    I was at Walmart earlier and saw that they were having a sale on brisket for $1.76/lb. The first one I see is a 20lb Swift brand prime packer. I'd never seen prime at Walmart before so I dig through the rest of the bins. Every other brisket was Certified Angus Beef brand. The vac seal on it was...
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    Wrapping Pork Shoulder Late

    Tonight I am going to put an 8lb shoulder on the smoker before I go to bed. Plan to set the temp around 250 and let it sit overnight. I usually never wrap or pan a butt, but I panned one specifically for a recipe a few weeks ago. I like a good bark, but I found that the one that I panned...
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    Mexican Style Pulled Pork

    Picked up a 7lb pork butt yesterday afternoon and originally planned on injecting it with Cherry Dr. Pepper. However, I ended up coming across this carnitas version from Malcolm Reed. I am mostly following his recipe and it is coming along nicely. The OJ marinade it sat in overnight...
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    Mississippi Roast- Now with pics

    While I was making Pepper Stout Beef a few weeks ago I thought that I could use the same basic idea to make a Mississippi Roast version of the pulled beef. Decided I will give it a shot today. My plan is to rub it and smoke it for a few hours. Then I will throw it in a pan on a bed of onions...
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    I made a bunch of garbage for Easter

    For some reason I decided to make "smoked no boil mac and cheese" today. I also had a ribeye that needed to be cooked so I figured up I would fire up the full size Vision grill and the Akorn Jr. I put the mac and cheese together and threw it on. Then I went the Sous Vide route to start the...
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    Brisket for a crowd

    I have been asked to cook for a work lunch on Friday and I picked up a 14lb prime packer last night. I've smoked a handful of briskets with mixed results. I probably did my best brisket last weekend and I will probably try to replicate that. I have a kamado that I will be smoking this brisket...
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    Help with Lamb

    I wanted to do some pulled lamb so yesterday I picked up a package marked lamb shoulder. This morning when I opened it up I see several bones and notice that the package says "chop ready". I wanted to smoke it just like pork shoulder by taking it to 200+. However, now I believe I picked up a...
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    Prime Rib Roast

    A local store has prime rib roasts on sale for $5 per pound. They are mostly about 3lb roasts. However, they are select grade and I have never cooked one before. The sale will only last another day. Is it worth stocking up on these?
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    Choosing a new smoker

    I have a birthday coming up and I want to get another cooker that will be primarily used for smoking. I have a limited budget and I already have a gas smoker. After doing some research I have kind of narrowed it down to a Char Griller Kamado and the Camp Chef SE Pellet Smoker. Neither one is...
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    No Wrap Rib Method

    There is another thread about unwrapped ribs and this is what I believe I would prefer to do. I have smoked several racks both ways.When I wrapped I felt that the wrap washed off the rub I put on and at times turned the ribs to mush. The times I didn't wrap the ribs turned out dry. Can y'all...
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    Big rib problem

    I am cooking for a party that starts in a little over two hours. I bouight 3 racks of STL ribs yesterday. Took them out about an hour ago to get them ready and noticed a bad smell. Looked at the sell by date and realized that I bought bad ribs. Had to take them back to the store and exchange...
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    Cooking for a party, need help

    Will be cooking for a small party next weekend. Looking and doing two butts and three racks of ribs. I have been having problems mixing ribs in with longer smokes because of the temp differences. I would normally smoke the butts at 275 or higher.  The party is at 8pm. Probably will be cooking a...
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    Pork dates

    Picked up a couple of racks of ribs yesterday. The package says to use/freeze by 7/28. My plan was to cook them on Sunday which will be 7/30. Should I go ahead and put them in the freezer and pull them the day before? Or would it be okay to let it ride and keep them in the fridge?
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    Chuck pan, foil, or nothing?

    I am about to put a chuck roast on most likely for pulling. I injected it with Kosmos mainly because I had some of that sitting around. Simple rub on the outside. But now I can't decide what I want to do once it is cooked some. I read that a bunch of people foil with different liquids. Some put...
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    Meat too small to smoke?

    I am a single guy that really doesn't need 15lbs of pork or beef to eat. I have tried to do a couple of small brisket flats and today I tried a "money muscle cut" of pork. All came out terribly dry. They were all about 2lbs. I took them to the usual 190+ IT. My question is this, should I have...
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    Money Muscle Cut

    The local University runs a meat market and I paid them a visit today. They have what they call Money Muscle Cut from the pork blade roast. I am not too familiar with the money muscle, but I picked one up anyways. What would y'all suggest doing with it. Just cook it like a regular pork butt? The...
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    Injjection Question

    Yesterday I mixed the Kosmos injection in a mixing cup and drew the liquid from the cup while injecting a brisket. There was plenty of liquid left so I transferred that to an airtight mixing cup and put it in the fridge. Today I cleaned the injector and used the same batch of liquid to inject a...
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    Failure, with hope in the future plus questions

    For the second time I bought a piece of a brisket flat that was only about two pounds. It cooked for entirely too long to get to the proper temp and it was never going to be tender. It was mostly dried out. The bark was good though. I used Kosmos injection on it as an experiment. I hoped the...
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