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  1. donr

    Something different for Christmas

    I get the pleasure of having my family over for Christmas. I'm done with turkey for a while & 4 days after Christmas I will end up eating half a pigs worth of ham @ the In-laws. I'm looking for ideas for something non-traditional. Not weird , just not usual christmas fair. Chicken...
  2. donr

    Stuffed Meatloaf rings

    This Friday I am planning to smoke some Macaroni & Cheese stuffed meatloaf. I am going to line (2) bundt cake pans with plastic wrap, lay down some meatloaf mix. Then fill with cooked & warm, fresh from the oven mac & cheese. Then cover & seal(hopefully egg and pinching works) with more...
  3. donr

    Way "over cured"

    How long can I dry brine pork loins and still have them be good? I have some pork loins dry drined with TQ, vacuum packed and in a commercial walk in refrigerator that is 40°f. They have been flipped over about every 3 days. Through a series of events, they have been in there for about 9...
  4. donr

    "Low" Sodium Canadian Bacon

    Has anyone ever made Lower sodium canadian Bacon. I have a couple of loins curing with TenderQuick. I was thinking of soaking one in cold water for a little bit after curing, before Smoking. Anyone ever tried this?
  5. donr

    Summer Sausage

    I finally got my fermented summer sausage started. I made 2 seperate 5 lb batches identical except for 2nd batch has 25g of dried ground jalapenos in it. I used TSM Goteborg summer sausage seasoning. 2.5 lbs ground venison 2.5 lbs 70/30 ground beef 93g (3.25 oz) seasoning 25g dried jalapenos...
  6. donr

    Fermenting question

    This weekend I am going to try my hand at fermenting meat for making both summer sausage & UMAi Pepperoni. The instructions that came with the UMAi bags say not to use pre-ground meat because it won't ferment correctly. Has anyone heard of this before? I have some frozen ground venison I was...
  7. donr

    Breakfast Summer Sausage

    So I am going to be making some normal summer sausage w/ TSM Goteborg spices in the near future. Then I had the brilliant idea to try and make summer sausage out of Fasset's Breakfast sausage. So I thought I would make a small chub or 2. I have never mixed my own spices for summer sausage...
  8. donr

    Meat Pizza Crust

    Since I am a geek working in a building full of geeks, we are having a Pi Day celebration on March 14th. I have decided to make gluten free pizza pie for the event. I am going to make the crusts from either Italian sausage or smoked pepperoni. The sausage ones will be easy enough, but I'm not...
  9. donr

    Summer Sausage with cheese question

    I am going to make some summer sausage with cheese in the near future. Do I need to add extra cure #1 for the weight of the cheese, or do I just base it on the weight of the meat? Don
  10. donr

    Scotch egg question

    I'm going to be making scotch eggs for a May the 4th Be with You day thing at work.  I'm calling them Endor Forest Oysters. About how much sausage do you use per dozen eggs.  I just want to make sure I have enough on hand. I got 3 dozen smaller eggs (not Bantam size though) from my friends...
  11. donr

    Tenderloin Quandry

    Family gathering this weekend & I'm thinking of smoking a tenderloin.  1/2 w/SPOG & 1/2 with Tatonka Dust.  Chef Jimmy's Au Jus turned into thin gravy/sauce for the potato dumplings.   My wife likes beef Medium rare.  I'm more of a well done guy. Yea I know, but the feeling of chewing rare/med...
  12. donr

    Pastured turkey conundrum

    I am picking up a pasture raised turkey this Wednesday.  I am leaving for my in-laws house late Wednesday night. The plan was to cook that lovely bird there on Thursday.  My plans have been changed and that is not going to happen. So I will have a fresh, just eviscerated, awesome turkey that I...
  13. donr

    Commercial Dry Curing Chamber

    For those who can afford one. I saw a commercially produced dry curing chamber/fridge in the new TSM catalog I got over the weekend.  It sounds like a nice piece of equipment and they are definitely proud of it. I think you would have to sell your product to make it worth while owning one. Don
  14. donr

    Beef Bacon Questions

    A friend of mine wants me to try making Beef Bacon. Would I just get a Beef plate/Belly and cure it like I would a pork belly then smoke it? What cuts would you recommend? I saw that someone used boneless short ribs. I lean towards dry brining my bacon, but would wet brining be better for...
  15. donr

    Any reason not to ferment snack sticks?

    I'm going to get some Bactoferm F-LC to ferment some summer sausage.  I'm going to be making some snack sticks as well.  Any reason not to ferment some of the sticks to compare to the non-fermented?  Just to try something a little different? Thanks Don
  16. donr

    UMai bag questions

    I am contemplating trying some dried sausages with these bags & I have a couple questions for those who have tried them. 1)  Did you stuff the bags directly, or use casings? 2) The kit they sell comes with a BactoFerm product and Cure #2.  The bactoferm I understand as far as seal off your bag...
  17. donr

    First Fatty - Breakfast

    I am attempting my first fatty tomorrow morning. - Breakfast I am doing this more or less kosher.  (practicing for a holiday party where a few folks eat sorta kosher). Pop's seasoning Ground Chicken thighs Turkey bacon Dinced Onions - Sweated Diced pickled jalepeno peppers Shredded...
  18. donr

    Turkey Bacon

    I am planning on making my first turkey bacon in the next few days. Jenni-O 85/15 ground turkey in a tube. Appropriate amount of Con Yeagers Quick Cure salts. (Sodium Nitrite, Salt, Sugar) Similar to Tender Quick without the Sodium Nitrate. A little white pepper (My wife's not a big pepper...
  19. donr

    Cold Smoking Cured Sausages Question

    I have cold smoked cured whole muscle meat (pork loins, hunks of beef) for quite a long time, days. How long is it save to cold smoke cured sausages?  I plan on cold smoking, then freezing some & hot smoking some.
  20. donr

    How much Spice to add

    I'm making my first Summer Sausage this weekend.  I'm just using LEM seasoning with all beef.  I want to make half the batch normal.  The other half I want to be Jalepeno.  I have dried, ground Jalepeno to add.  I just don't know what quantity to start with per lb..  I personally don't mind if I...
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