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    Coulotte? Pincanha?? What's in a name???

    Oh wow! My that looks Amazing how did it taste (as if I can't tell by looking) we all want to know.
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    Hello from Australia

    Welcome from the California Gold Country. Have always wanted to visit Down Under just where are you located?
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    Vacation Ideas ?

    While not food related cause you sometimes need a break a trip to San Antonio is a must. Go spend some time at the Alamo and then the river walk you won't regret it. Happy Birthday and have a no-cookin good time.
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    Party For 20 People

    Chef Jimmyj nailed it. What age group is this since you mention graduation. My teen grandsons can eat a whole rack of Baby Backs each and go back for seconds. Thirdeye has a great suggestion about small Kings Hawaiian rolls. Anyway you look at it running out of food is not good and having...
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    May I present... Texas Pretzels (Pork Belly Prezels)

    Those look fantastic! Think they could be a complete dinner by themselves and a few brews.
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    More Smoked Ling Cod

    Reminds me of going out of Monterey. Haven't done it in years. Maybe this year. Thanks for the photos of you catch, looks great.
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    Super Bowl Sunday - What's on your menu?

    Bacon wrapped Jalapeno Brats here. ABTs cole slaw various snacks wings, smoked cheese,nuts etc
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    $5 Steak!

    Those look like summer bliss, Bet they were great
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    When I was a youngster back in the ‘50s I had a Uncle who made Roasted Almonds for Christmas and other special occasions which I dearly loved. Anyway fast forward and the old folk aren’t around any more, well I guess they are but I’m the old folk now. Anyway the wife and I went to visit our...
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    My new favorite place

    Don't get to Roseville to often but will make a point to stop in if I can. Love their Sausage selction! Thanks for the pre-view
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    New here from PA

    Welcome from California
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    New to the forum. Hello from CA

    Welcome from the Gold Country. I guess you're having a beer and double smoking! Have a great day.
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    Featured Hotwheels - Huffman Texas

    Welcome aboard from California
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    New pellet grill owner

    Welcome from a fellow Newbie. I used to live in Santa Barbara from about 1964 to 1974 one of the garden spots in the state for sure. Happy Smoking
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    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome from the gold country where we smoke anytime we want to as long as PG&E keeps the power on (ugh).
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    Game Day Butt

    Yes please report on that rub, it's the kind I would like a little sweet then some bite to it.
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    Featured Am I smoking or making Charcoal?

    Well I guess I’ll save it up and use it in my Weber Kettle. It’s a bonus! Thanks again to all
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    Featured Am I smoking or making Charcoal?

    Well then thanks to all for your help. Just seemed kinda odd to me.
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    Featured Am I smoking or making Charcoal?

    some but not much. It did smoke for around 30 - 40 mins when I first added the ribs but I think it was the rib juice or the addition of air to the smoker chips. the smoker tray has a cover the fits tight not much in the way of air flow to them that I can determine. Kinda like making charcoal...
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    Featured Am I smoking or making Charcoal?

    I was doing ribs so around 5 hours.
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