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  1. BB-que

    Scratch Brisket Pastrami (Q Vue)

    This was my first pastrami, which turned out excellent. Started out with a 14lb packer from Costco. Separated the flat and point and trimmed up. I took more off than usual when smoking a traditional brisket. For instance I removed the whole fat cap. Brined for 17 days in a pastrami brine...
  2. BB-que

    Pastrami Q’s

    So I currently have a trimmed up and separated 13 lb packer in the fridges in pastrami brine that I got from this site. My plan is the 24 hr Sous vide/ smoke method. I’m going to sous vide first and then put the smoke on it. Couple of questions for the pastrami folks out there. 1. Is 10...
  3. BB-que

    Packer seperation

    So I love cooking brisket, I’ve done probably 4 or 5 I’m the past year. I’ve settled in on hot n fast method. I do like to seperate the flat from the point about 1/2 way, and then Completely take it off once I hit the temp I want to start the burnt ends with the point. I’m getting ready to...
  4. BB-que

    Chef Jimmys corned beef brine

    The recipe says 3/4 cup Morton’s salt (if DC). Sorry but what does DC refer too
  5. BB-que

    Lox curing/pickling snafu

    So had a bit of an incident while I was pickling/curing my king salmon. I use a mixture of pickling salt, sugar, cure #2 and I think a few other things. I cover the salmon with the mixture and put in the fridge for 48 hours before o smoke. I put a cutting board with a bag of ice for weight on...
  6. BB-que

    Brisket prep

    Is there an agreed to timing to inject and rub a brisket? Both Night before? I know you can rub the night before, but wanted to check on injecting. Wny first make sure it doesn’t screw up the texture or anything before I do it Saturday on a cook.
  7. BB-que

    Brisket method discussion

    so ive been trying to perfect my brisket method so I have a go to method where I can get repeatable results. My first briskets we both dry and crumbly. On those I injected, rubbed and cooked until the flat was probe tender and then wrapped in foil and big towel and in a cooler for a couple...
  8. BB-que

    Brisket Wrap thought

    i cook my brisket these days hot n fast. 350 in a pan for a few hours until it hits 170 and then I tightly cover the pan with foil until I get it where I want it. There are so many pros to this method, but there is of course 1 main downside - bark is not what you’re gonna get when wrapped in...
  9. BB-que

    A5 Japanese Wagyu Brisket

    so on Monday I’m gonna have the chance to buy an A5 Brisket, will be a big one, 20-30 lbs. anyone familiar with A5 will know what kind of cash I’ll be dropping on this incredible piece of Japanese beef. Might not be ideal, but I want to save it for a special occasion so it might be taking a...
  10. BB-que

    3rd time brisket a charm

    Well I finally didn’t overcooked my brisket to a crumbly mess. Hot N Fast. Cooked at 350 for around 3 hours and then cover for another hour or so. Great bark - nope. Excellent flavor and very convenient - yep. Let rest tented for about an hour.
  11. BB-que

    More brisket Qs

    so I’m getting ready to smoke a brisket Sunday, not cause we need a meal but because I’m determined to get it right. Both my others have been dry in the flat. My question is, does a done brisket really probe like warm butter? I’ve probed as high as 210 Nd I wouldn’t call it butter soft. And...
  12. BB-que

    Aged Beef Tenderloin

    So I’m about 2 weeks in on an aged beef tenderloin. My plan was 60 days as in the bag as I’m in no hurry to have it. Anybody have any experience with 45 opposed to 60 days? I’m thinking I’m gonna get the tenderness and flavor out of 45 but if folks tell me ya might as well do the extra 2...
  13. BB-que

    Brisket Rest Q

    i hear so many folks talk about pulling their brisket off when probe tender and wrapping tightly and putting in a cooler with towels. With that type of insulation wouldn’t the brisket continue to cook quite a bit in the cooler, or are people letting it rest on the counter for 30 minutes or so...
  14. BB-que

    Brisket separation question

    is it fair to say the fat seam that runs thru the point and flat does not run all the way thru? You have the kernel in the point and then it runs down into the flat but eventually you’re cutting through meat to separate. Is that right?
  15. BB-que

    Brisket fail

    Well brisket #2 was a fail. Point good, flat dried out. Must folks think I probably just overcooked it, and I think that’s no doubt about that part of it. What I don’t understand is how a prime packer injected (separated precook), could smoke at 225 for the first 10 hours and release no...
  16. BB-que

    Brisket Questions

    So attempting a brisket and gonna try some new things, why not, - 14lb prime packer. I separate pre cook, inject and SPOG. Will run my pit around 225, gonna low and slow this one over night. Guessing it will be around 10lbs after trimming. I fully understand cooking to temp, not time, I’m a...
  17. BB-que

    Frozen Ribs life

    whats everyone’s belief on,if vac packed,how long pork ribs are good for in the deep feezer? Also how does pork compare to say brisket or beef in general? Thanks for the thoughts
  18. BB-que

    First Brisket with Q-view

    Been smoking for about 10 years but for whatever reason just got around to a brisket. 15 lb prime packer from Costco. Used Jeff’s Texas rub and also injected with some Au Jus. Separated the flat and point, cooked on a Rec Tec at 225. Removed around 4 lbs of fat. When point hit 190 I chopped...
  19. BB-que

    One more Brisket Question

    so my point finished before I was hoping. I cubed em up and some sauce and rub and back on the smoker low at 220. Problem Is it’s 9am and people aren’t coming until 2. How long donburnt ends take? Couple hours to get where you want? Any advice on where I go from here. Just put them on so...
  20. BB-que

    First brisket question

    So I just trimmed a full 15lb packer down to about 10 lbs and separated the point and flat. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was gonna trim that much and it’s not a 15 hour cook but probably more 10-12. I already S and P it so it’s sitting in the fridge (well in the garage since it’s 40...
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