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  1. R Blum

    Butterball Turkey Recall

    All Butterball Turkeys are being recalled. They forgot to butter the balls.
  2. R Blum

    Smoked Venison Tenderloins

    So I'm not really a venison kind of guy except for venison summer sausage which I make and love. Decided to do some tenderloins I got from a friend. I put them in a plastic bag with coca cola and a Teriyaki marinade that I had in the fridge. Let sit in the fridge overnight. The next day I fired...
  3. R Blum

    Tough Casings

    Made a small batch of Reuben brats today and they came out real tasty but some of the casing were real tough. I am using Sausage Makers 32-35MM Natural Hog Casing. They are kind of old but they are kept in salt and in the fridge. Is this my problem, old casings? Their website says indefinite...
  4. R Blum

    Venison Pepperoni Question.

    I am making 5 lbs of venison pepperoni and the recipe calls for 1 cup dry milk powder. Can I use regular milk or fermento? How much? I made this before but I don't remember what I used. Guess I should update my journal. Thanks in advance.
  5. R Blum

    Black Liquid Coming out of MES Cold Smoker Unit

    So I was smoking a couple of pork loins today and I am getting this black liquid dripping out of the side smoker unit. I am assuming it is creasol. I have an extension on the side unit so I just have smoke going in, not heat from the side smoker.I never use the chip tray in the smoker as it...
  6. R Blum

    Put some nice legs and wheels on my smoker

    I decided to make my smoker more mobile so I added on this old office chair bottom. Worked out great just needs a little tweeking to make it stand up straighter. Also mounted my cold smoker unit to it. I use this smoke unit for all my smoking whether cold or hot smoking. I never use the chip...
  7. R Blum

    Slim Jims with sheep casings

    I usually use collagen casing when making my Slim Jims but they always seem to come out with tough casing. So this time I used sheep casing. I use sheep casing when I make breakfast sausage and have no problem stuffing. But using them this time was a real pain. I think the meat was too dry and I...
  8. R Blum

    Homemade electric sausage stuffer

    For me it was hard to stuff sausage by myself so I made this electric stuffer. I have a 5lb stuffer and you can't find a 5lb electric stuffer. This thing works real good but I am going to upgrade to a high torque electric wrench. I bought the foot switch from Northern Tool and hooked it up to a...
  9. R Blum

    Venison Summer Sausage

    Just finished making venison summer sausage using mostly backstrap with some pork fat. I know, why waste good backstrap for summer sausage. Around where I live deer are a real nuisance. The farmers are happy to get rid of them. Into the smoker and then after reaching temperature I put into the...
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