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  1. tbrtt1

    Looking for Kamado companion...

    I cannot attest to the Masterbuilt line of electrics, but for sausage I use a SmokinIt electric (Coockshack Clone) with and Auber PID. That, of course, somewhat pricy. Depends on you definition of “ outrageously pricey“. I’m sure someone will come along that’s done some in a master built and...
  2. tbrtt1

    Dusted off the stick burner for a run today

    Thanks, cher!
  3. tbrtt1

    Old School OK Joes

    Ahhh, who needs a Purdy smoker. Just start using it. In all seriousness, nice score. Good luck.
  4. tbrtt1

    Let talk lump

    Guess they needed to make the weight official that day and ran out of charcoal. "Hey, this bags a little light". "Throw this in there".
  5. tbrtt1

    First Time Smoking!!

    Oak is not only not a rookie mistake but the choice of many a pro. It is the dominant smoking wood for real Texas BBQ so that oughtta tell ya something. How, when and if to wrap is among the most debated topics in smoking. Try things out til you find what you and yours like. In my most humble...
  6. tbrtt1

    Hi, it's me!

    Oh, and welcome from the Lone Star State.
  7. tbrtt1

    Hi, it's me!

    Damn, you went whole hog, didn't you. That'll teach your brother to try to one up you. Man, that thing will probably prep the meat and do the dishes for ya. There are some pellet forums you there, but use the search function on this and you should find all you need to know on pellet grills...
  8. tbrtt1

    Let talk lump

    I find lump to be inconsistent among all brands I have tried. I do use temp control devices so it is no bother temp wise. I do use it occasionally, when there is a good buy on it. Good for hot and fast stuff like chicken or for grilling. But I have seen pieces of lump not be completely...
  9. tbrtt1

    Beef back ribs w/ Q-View

    Beef ribs may be my favorite thing to smoke. Nice Q.
  10. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    Touchette, Who dat!
  11. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    Merci beaucoup, gentlemen. Made me wonder why I haven't grabbed more butts of late.
  12. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    That's what light switches are for.
  13. tbrtt1


    To add insult to injury: the Tomahawk Ribeyes:
  14. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    Chile, Yeah,I have actually trussed them up before, even did one that was bone-in that wanted to flop around. This wasn't too big and I just kinda tucked it in a pan and let er ride. Plus, my wife has been reorganizing again and I couldn't find the trussing string and neither could she. I always...
  15. tbrtt1


    I have the Gabby SM attachment and also can attest to it. I burn oak most of the time. Great way to reverse sear some steaks. Did some 1 1/2 inch thick Tomahawk ribeyes the other night. Had it raised fairly high till they reached 110 and then lowered down close to the nice bed of oak coals for...
  16. tbrtt1

    Need a Brisket Plan Tonight

    Love that smoker! Please do post some more pics of it. FWIW, I have a Maverick ET733 (dual probe). that is about 3-4 years old. I keep spare probes on hand and check them periodically. The probes are easy to find and about $10-$12 per on Amazon. I can go a year on the same batteries as well.
  17. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    I need to try my hand at some bacon one day. I’ve done sausage and Lox but never bacon. Hmmm..I feel a project coming on.
  18. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    You guys are cracking me up. Yeah it’s a floppy, ugly beeeoch. But it’ll work. I was rooting around in the bin and they were bone in. I was looking for this size and grabbed it not realizing it was the only boneless one in the bin. Thanks Wally World. At about 3 1/2 hours in:
  19. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    Like a goofball I accidentally got a butt that had the bone removed and it just looks funny. I’ve done boneless before I just don’t remember them looking quite this odd. Well, she’s gonna get started in a few. Pulled pork tomorrow!
  20. tbrtt1

    Rec-Tec Stampede or Trailblazer?

    Amaz-N tray + Pellet smoker = good Q. Just set the smoker for a very low setting for a couple of hours as that will maximize the smokiness (it will still not be too smokey for your wife). Then bump the temp up.
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