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  1. jeepsjeep

    my biltong creration

    So, I picked up 2 eye rounds, price seemed decent $3.79lb.  One is near 3 lbs, the other is just over 3lbs.  I put them in the freezer yesterday, as I'm just not sure what to do with them.  I still have a bit of dried beef left over, and the 2 eye rounds before that went to Thai jerky.  Just...
  2. jeepsjeep

    Dried Beef, Bear style

    Well, I've got some dried venison in the fridge still from yesterday, and my wife says I have a problem...she's right, I won't deny it.  I went to the store today and bought 2 eye of round roasts, that's all they had!!  Here goes...both are 2.5 lbs after trimming, they are nearly 4 inches across...
  3. jeepsjeep

    Venison dried beef, first time

    So, while cruising around this great site, I came across a venison dried beef thread that Bear had...after reading the thread and reviews, I learned that I must try this and now!.. I had a 1.8 lb venison roast in the freezer I figured it would be jerky soon, as it always is, but not  this...
  4. jeepsjeep

    Saturday/Sunday smoke with pics

    Well, it was a good weekend for smoking, as you can see I did several different things, starting with some smoked jalapenos, can't find the finished pics, but they smoked for about 8 hrs, then went into the dehydrator.  I ground them today for a chipotle powder, smells great!  My first...
  5. jeepsjeep

    Cheapskate sous vide...I know, I know

    I just had to try it....always wanted to, but won't spend the ~$400 on the real deal.  I'm aware of some of the food safety items I crossed, I'm sure there is more, live and learn, I will always be open to learning more.Here's what I did: I put my temp probe in my small crock pot last night...
  6. jeepsjeep

    Mailbox mod, well, ammo can mod question

    So, I've cut into my ammo can, as I'm not happy with the smoke (lack of) on my new masterbuilt 30, unless I'm at high temps.  After reading a bunch on here, I decided to try the mailbox mod.  I didn't have a mailbox, but had an ammo can, someone here has this setup I believe.  As you can see...
  7. jeepsjeep

    First fattie this weekend

    Hi, I'vwe heard about fatties but never tried one, I'm thinking this weekend will be good.  My question is, I see most people use breakfast sausage as the base...I have some really good Italian sausage ground I thought I would use.  My fillings would include provolone, smoked gouda, carmelized...
  8. jeepsjeep


    New guy here, been to your forum many times, great info on here, thought I should join and share some.  I'm from Buffalo, New York, been smoking since 1997.  I did strictly beef jerky for the first 10 years, now I'm on to salmon, pork, hams, cheeses, peppers, etc.  I have 2 Big Indians, front...
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