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  1. rugerlab

    Sheep and Hog Casings

    I have a couple of questions: Can you use sheep casings for making meat sticks? and how does it turn out? Also, how is the best way to store casings when you have left over casings.  I am thinking about buying hanks but am only going to make 50 pounds of sausage this weekend and won't make...
  2. rugerlab

    Polish and plain hot dogs

    Anybody have recipes for polish and hot dogs they would like to share???  Tired of store bought stuff!!!! 
  3. rugerlab

    Sausage in freezer?

    This might be a stupid question but I was wondering how long can you store homemade fresh sausage in the freezer?  And is there better ways of freezing it, Plastic bags, freezer wrap, or vacuum seal.  My brother in law and I are going to make a bunch of breakfast, german garlic, and hot Italian...
  4. rugerlab

    New build for an old fridg

    I have been given an old 4 door fridge.  Stainless Steel lined and the doors are about 2 foot square.  2 up and 2 down.  I won't be starting to assemble this until next summer when I travel back to where I grew up and where I am going to retire.  I do spend sometime there in the summer.  So I...
  5. rugerlab

    Sausage Stuffer question

    I restored my late father in laws old cast iron 1897 sausage stuffer.  Everything from sandblasting to seasoning the pot.  The question I have is the last time I made sausage it was really hard getting the meat to come out of the stuffer.  I only added about 1 cup of water to the 5 lbs of meat. ...
  6. rugerlab

    Barbeque that had both wood and gas

    I saw it last night and a friend wants to see it.  It was a barbeque that also had a wood tray that went above the gas burners.  You can put charcoal or sticks of wood in the tray.  I can't find it this morning.  I need your help. Thanks
  7. rugerlab

    Appetizers for Party

    Throwing a party on Christmas Eve and I want to make some appetizers using my smoker.  Any suggestions would be of great help, at this moment I am drawing a blank to serve something different. 
  8. rugerlab

    New to the Forum

    Hello from Montana, I am using a Great Smokey Mountain propane smoker and I have not had any issues except for operator error!!!  But the one question I do have is about the brine for Canadian Bacon.  The recipe called for 1 1/2 cups kosher salt along with sugar, cure salt, garlic, thyme, and...
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