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  1. jay1340

    Smokin the birds

    Been awile since I added anything but that doesn't mean I haven't been smokin and eating good! Moved, so had to add wind dams around the bittom of the MBXL. Used some old tin and self tapping screws, worked great. Also quit using the skillet with wood chunks and finally put Todd Johnson's 12"...
  2. jay1340

    Fire that Smoke Box!

    Been hankering for another one of those Smoked Prime Ribs! Bear's got me hooked on them after I did that first one. But I smoked a bunch of briskets with the last one, so had to work my frozen brisket stash down. I use that stuff for all kinds of stuff; bfast tacos, lunch, bfast tacos, fishing...
  3. jay1340

    Briskets, Boston Butt & PRIME RIB!

    Got a couple friend's who been wanting whole briskets, so I thought I'd just fill the MB XL today with all kinds of stuff. Also been dying to try Prime Rib!! I stole Bear's Prime Rib recipe, but told him I was going to add a little rosemary. Briskets have been going for $2.28-$2.48 a lb. Them...
  4. jay1340

    Butcher paper

    Trying the butcher paper wrap. Had a friend get me a big ole roll from Sam's, was a lot cheaper than the roll of foil he got me too!! The 2 racks of babies got Memphis dust rub, butcher paper wrap, and sat in the cooler over night!  The (2) 14+ lb briskets ($2.48lb) briskets from HEB got NO...
  5. jay1340

    Dinos & Tri-tip

    Dino Ribs (x2) with Pecan oil S&P rub! Resting in the cool box for smoking tomorrow in the Masterbuilt XL 5 lb. Tri-tip also in cool box with the same rub for tomorrow! Never done one of these before!! We LOVE the point off of Brisket, You know that fat meaty portion with all the flavor!! I...
  6. jay1340

    New Braunfels mods

    I originally posted my New Braunfels (NB) restore in the newb section. Haven't been around much since I posted about a couple of Dino Ribs smokes. Since I live in West Lake Hills & the Tree Huggers around here get their panties all up in a wade with the drought we're in, there's no outdoor...
  7. jay1340

    Brisket, Pork, Pintos

    Fired this old thing up yesterday! An 11+lb untrimmed packer brisket with salt, garlic & pepper rub. A 6+ hunk of piggy Tossed 1 cup of Pintos in a pan with onions, garlic, porch grown jalapenos, a serrano & a touch of salt to put on top of the firebox. I've always done my brisket to...
  8. jay1340

    Dinos 6 racks

    I wanted to do a christmas special for a couple of Brothers, so I stopped by the HEB & picked up 6 racks of Dinos for $2.08 lb. Did all the prepping; open the package, cuss, grunt & groan off the membrane & overabundance of fat, rinsed, pat dry, brush with olive oil, rub down, wrap in foil, set...
  9. jay1340

    Dino Ribs

    Been wanting some Dinos so picked some up at the local HEB. Rubbed em up, put 'em on the smoker. 2 hrs without the crutch, 1 1/2 hr in the Texas Crutch, 45 minutes out of the crutch. Temp said 18o* something or other, Hell if I remember! My Woman & I had 'em with a baked potato. I had a good ole...
  10. jay1340

    Jackass Bar B Q??

    Well this is all out of order. Oh well. Since I've been snooping & pooping around on here & will probably be stealing some recipes I thought I better hit this rollcall. I retired from the army back in Feb. I wouldn't buy/build a smoker while in the army because cleaning a simple grill for...
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