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    Deer brat pics and a question.

    I made 6lbs of deer/pork brats. I bought the High Mountain brat kit from Cabela’s. I used 3 pounds of Deer, 1lb ground pork and 2lbs pork fat. The hog casings came with the kit. When we pressed the sausage I felt they were to fat. I barely held pressure on the casing while pressing. When I...
  2. 12ring

    Elk summer sausage.

    I went big in my first ever attempt at sausage making. I made 25 pounds of elk summer sausage. 21 pounds of elk and 4 pounds of pork fat. Added green chili and cheese to the cabelas summer sausage kit. Overall I’m happy how it came out. Next time I think I’ll do 5 pounds at a time. I’ll also...
  3. 12ring

    Lay it or hang it?

    I killed a elk in September. Got a 5lb LEM stuffer for Christmas. Killed a deer last week. I can’t wait to make some summer sausage. I built a stick burner but sold my propane stick burner. I would have to build some type of hanging contraption to hang it. Can I just lay it on the rack or do...
  4. 12ring

    My first attempt at a build.

    I am starting out with a 40" long 19" diameter 3/8" thick CC. FB is 19" diameter 18" long a littler over 3/8" thick. 4" diameter stack that's 20" above the top of my CC. Kam59 has been helpful running my numbers and they are sufficient for air flow. I used a 4.5" grinder with a cut off wheel...
  5. 12ring

    Where to cut the CC door?

    I'm going to have questions because I'm new to building smoker. I don't know if I should start new threads when it's a totally different question of keep one thread and ask my questions in there. My CC pipe is 18.5" diameter. My opening from CC to FB is 7.25" in the shape of a football. I...
  6. 12ring

    CC to FB calculations are beyond me.

    I wasn't good at geometry and I'm obviously not good at following directions because I can't seem to figure out the calculations from the tutorial. Right now I have a 40" long piece of pipe that is 18.5" inside diameter for my cook chamber. Then I have a 19" inside diameter pipe to use as my...
  7. 12ring

    Is 5/16" steel pipe manageable?

    I got a 42" piece of 5/16" steel pipe for a cc and a 24" 5/16" pipe for the fb. Both are 20" in diameter. I was thinking about cutting the cook chamber down to 36"-40" because one side of the pipe is not flush. The fire box will need to be cut as well. My question is how hard is it going to be...
  8. 12ring

    My best brisket yet.

    So I don't know if what the exact reason is for this being way way better than any other brisket I've made. I used a Prime grade brisket which I never have used. I trimmed it up better than I have before. Smoked it on my brothers in laws Traeger. I wrapped it in foil at a internal temp of 167...
  9. 12ring

    I found another good mini pot option.

    So it seems that the Vasconia pot is really hard to find. I was lucky enough to have built one when you could get them from walmart. Our local target stores have the Imusa pots but they are to large at the top for the weber lid to fit and the take modifications. A few months ago I was at one...
  10. 12ring

    Stainless steel A&W root beer drum. Need help please.

    So I have been wanting to build my buddy a smoker. I was going to build him a mini like mine but he likes brisket and likes to have parties so I thought uds might be a better fit for him. I have read tons and tons about building a uds so I think I have most everything down except the lid and I...
  11. 12ring

    Anyone tried this pot?

    Its a 32 QT Imperial Home pot. They have them on eBay from $19.99-$27.99 with free shipping. I made mine with a vasconia pot and love it but all the Imusa pots I have tried are to big for the smokey joe lid. I know they can be modified but I would rather not have to. So has anyone tried the...
  12. 12ring

    Can you tell me which of the gloves are the best?

    Hello, I was wondering which, if any of the these gloves are good to use for food handling?One of the them says " food handling" so I'm sure those are fine, but how about the others? Thanks for any help.
  13. 12ring

    Finally finished my mini.

    So I have been reading post after post on this forum and the weber forum about building a mini. I took ideas from about 5 different builds and incorporated them into my build. Bdskelly can be credited with the pop riveting the lid to the pot. I like the fit much better like that. Big thanks to...
  14. 12ring

    Diffuser decisions.

    Hello, I have all my parts together to build my mini. But I can't decide what to do about a defuser. I like both of these designs but can't decide which I want to do. I dont think i can post a link to the weber forum so I'll explain. One is called a flying saucer and he cut the center out of...
  15. 12ring

    Decals for mini.

    So im getting all my parts together to build my mini. I'm not a fan of the aluminium look so I'm gonna paint it. I saw a post where they used either a Texas rangers decal or a Ohio State decal and he posted where he got the decal. Now I can't find that post for anything. Can someone help me...
  16. 12ring

    Will there be any difference if I?

    Will there be any difference in the final product if I put smoke to my spare ribs for 3 hours and then finish them for the last few hours in the oven? When I do ribs I sometimes foil sometimes don't foil but I always have cooked them the entire time in the smoker. Tomorrow we're expecting...
  17. 12ring

    Baby back rib slabs equal how many lbs?

    So my cousin has an account with US foods and is getting me a 35lb box of baby backs for $90. Im wondering "about" how many racks that will be? I know each pig is different so im asking for a ball park number. Thanks.
  18. 12ring

    Is there a mini wsm parts list on this forum?

    So seeing all of your posts about build in a mini wsm has made me want one. I have been reading a ton of posts but cant seem to find a parts list. Has any body made one and posted it? Thanks.
  19. 12ring

    So will the Amazen tube smokers work in my propane GOSM?

    I have a few questions about the amezen tube smokers. First off I'm using a GOSM 38 propane smoker. I am wondering if the propane burner is gonna rob to much oxygen from the tube to keep it lit? Plus are you guys still getting a smoke ring when you use the tube? I have not seen them in action in...
  20. 12ring

    Another green chili meat loaf.

    So I saw a post by Fester a week or so ago and he made a green chili meatloaf. My wife, father in law and mother in law just happen to be peeling a fresh batch of roasted green chili at the time so I decided to steal his idea. I hope it turns out half as good as his looked. Thanks for the idea...
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