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  1. jay1340

    Lisa, I have a pro260. It has gotten to where it will vacuum but will not seal. Does this mean...

    Lisa, I have a pro260. It has gotten to where it will vacuum but will not seal. Does this mean I need to replace the seal bar and tape? Just curiousof the procedure. Pull off tape, lift seal bar unplug. Or do I have to disassemble the machine? Install is reverse? If so I'll need to order those...
  2. jay1340

    Turkey smoking time

    Turkey smoking time
  3. jay1340

    Reviewing Brisket smoke notes & still wondering

    Yes there are many varying methods. But there are time tested tried and true method that never fails. Low and slow. Wrap at the stall, if new to brisket, or concerned about time. Smoke to tenderness, not temperature. Cut across the grain. Though many experts say it's immaterial. Was simply what...
  4. jay1340

    Reviewing Brisket smoke notes & still wondering

    Temp too high on your smoker, 225-275. You're wrapping too late, 150. Start probing for tenderness at 180 and pay no attention to final temp. Every brisket is different no matter the cut or grade. Depending on what Moo ate, water supply, feast, famine, rainy, drought, walking up down hill, etc.
  5. jay1340

    Smokin the birds

    Well, no wonder! Thanks Dirt sailor!
  6. jay1340

    Smokin the birds

    Mom also made homemade bread!
  7. IMG_20160303_1401006_rewind.jpg


  8. jay1340

    Smokin the birds

    They all turned out great! The one with Tabasco, the smoking cancelled the heat but had a very mild Tabasco flavor. Dad said he'd like a little more, so next time I'll inject it! We didn't notice any difference with the spatchcocked bird. So, for the work involved will just do them whole from...
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  13. Smokin the birds

    Smokin the birds

  14. jay1340

    Smokin the birds

    Been awile since I added anything but that doesn't mean I haven't been smokin and eating good! Moved, so had to add wind dams around the bittom of the MBXL. Used some old tin and self tapping screws, worked great. Also quit using the skillet with wood chunks and finally put Todd Johnson's 12"...
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  17. jay1340

    Making Lox a picture guide.

  18. jay1340

    Making Lox a picture guide.

    I ended up with what looks and feels like Salmon Jerky? WTH???? Haven't even thought of smoking it yet. Wild caught Coho.
  19. jay1340

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    Foil mushes the brisket. Butcher paper doesn't.
  20. jay1340

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    Poke test over rides temp.
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