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  1. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    Of course I didn't think to ask this question BEFORE I started, so now I have 10 # of venison/pork sausage all mixed up and waiting (in the fridge, of course). The packet does not say to rest overnight (or at all) after mixing.  Should I rest it?  Or can I stuff and smoke within a few hours (2...
  2. ecodork

    chorizo - corona real brand spice mix

    My dad got me a bunch of 3 oz. packs of Corona Real chorizo chili mix.  Anyone ever use this stuff? It looks good, but I can't find directions anywhere or even spice to meat ratios.  I figure I could cobble together some internet / SMF recipes just fine, but it'd be really nice to know how much...
  3. ecodork

    Buckboard bacon success!

    After ruining more things with cure than I care to admit, I pulled off my first successful bacon cure & smoke! I'll keep it short and to the point. Had a 6ish pounder bone-in shoulder. Following various guides and recipes on SMF I cut it into two halves lengthwise along the bone. Trimmed...
  4. ecodork

    tenderizer vs tender quick

    Variations of this topic have been covered but I don't think q has been specifically. Is something like Adolphs Meat Tenderizer (lawry's) different than something like Mortons Tenderquick? I think the answer is going to be "yes they're different" as the lawrys stuff uses papya enzyme to...
  5. ecodork

    King Kooker 38" smoker review

    I've already benefitted greatly from SMF, so I thought I'd do my part to give back with a not-so-brief and not-very-rigorous review of the King Kooker 38". But maybe it'll help someone out down the line. Is there any way we can assign the abbreviation (KK) through the forum??? Disclaimer...
  6. ecodork

    Breakfast Fattie 1.0 and 1.1 (Qview)

    I gave the fattie a whirl this weekend to help break-in the new King Kooker (KK). All in all it went well and I like the KK (review still pending...but the bottom-line is that it's a great smoker) and loved the fattie. Why 1.0 and 1.1? Well, I almost forgot to put the cheese in initially...
  7. ecodork

    forum noob but old smoker from NC

    I've already posted a few threads and am just now posting in the roll call, but better late than never, eh? I grew up in south TX but now live in NC (with 3 other states in between) and have been smoking/grilling for as long as I can recall. Growing up we did all sorts of stuff in our ECB...
  8. ecodork

    paranoid about smoker placement

    Man, I've always been one to worry.... I just ordered the King Kooker 38" (shipped yesterday) but read the instruction manual online and saw that the company has some strict regs regarding where to put the unit. Obviously they are going to be conservative about how and where to use it, but it...
  9. ecodork

    Is GOSM from Bass Pro double hulled?

    I'm new around here but no stranger to smoking and grilling. I grew up helping my parents cook on an old Brinkmann electric bullet (everything from chicken to cow tongue ) and have been using one myself for the past 10 years. But I've had some issues with electric and want to upgrade to a more...
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