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  1. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Thanks for the review Chris. I have a bunch of ribs I'm doing for this weekend. I've had such good luck with 3-2-1 with foil I have never tried no foil. Might just have to try but I have been bragging up my ribs and with company coming makes me nervous to change plans . What kind were they ? I...
  2. bill in mn

    First Reverse Sear on the Stampede

    I have a RT Stampede and this is the best of my 4 smoker/grill I have. They look absolutely fantastic. Smoke on Bill
  3. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Pulled pork for dinner. Started an 8lbs. butt at 10:00 pm and 12 hrs. in it's at 170°and it's rising fast after a 3 hr. stall . We have to leave for church and I'm nervous it's going to hit 205° while were gone . I turned it to 200° and off we went . Get home and it dropped to 164° WTH., should...
  4. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Ya he is. I tried to pick them up, that's the 3 piece one :)
  5. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    I thought I would start with what Rec tec had on their page about St. Louis style ribs. Never seen any cooked at 250° but thought they must know. I was looking for a nice pull not fall off. I planed on 6 hrs total but the traffic got them. So I thought better in foil than open at 250 °. They...
  6. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    First ribs one rack ( in three pieces ) baby backs and the other were St. Louis style . Ran 250 ° 3-3-1 and they were good but to done . The family got caught up in traffic so they were wrapped for 3 hrs. Baby backs won the S-L style had a lot of fat ( there suppose to) but both were very good. Bill
  7. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Here is a article about Rec Tec and how it got started . A short, fun read. http://metrospirit.com/rec-tec-grills-heat-up/
  8. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    I know but it's only a week old and I'm doing everything to keep it clean. Tomorrow Wings right on the grates. Got to get on with life and get a little dirty.
  9. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Chris reporting back with a couple of cooks done. I really like the ease of this grill and the sky is the limit. I go to sleep thinking of what to cook next. Bill
  10. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Alton Brown is a hoot. I have watched cooking shows for 30+ yrs and just like them. Right now my favorite is Americas Test Kitchen. I have a few smokers A UDS home built (Rocks ) and 40" Masterbuilt and little chief . Webber gas grill that is a POS everything is falling apart. I had a Webber gas...
  11. bill in mn

    New RecTec Stampede Owner

    Chris the grill seems to work very well for you, Nice looking stuff. I just ordered a RT Stampede Friday 3-29-19 and now the wait . First pellet grill for me but I have done a lot of research on Rec Tec and they are like Yeti coolers they get customers to prophesize and spread the word. You...
  12. bill in mn

    48qt Sous Vide Cooler mod...

    Brilliant. I will copy if you don't mind.
  13. bill in mn

    Sous Vide Lobster Tails

    Ordered my " Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker " today . Looking forward to trying it out. I have used vacuum bags for years especially out hunting .Turkey dinner with all the fixens .Lasagna, pot roasts ,pasta +++ boil some water in a pot, throw in your and dinner/ breakfast is done and no...
  14. bill in mn

    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello from Monticello MN. this is a great place and a ton of info.We having about 100 people over for dinner on saturday so just sniffing around to get some more ideas.welcome and we're glad your here.Bill
  15. bill in mn

    After the hunt, lets make some sausage! w qview...

    That looks awesome "Neighbor" I did not know you were so talented .Bill
  16. bill in mn

    I have won 4 BBQ competitions with this rub.

    This was good .The bride came home with 3 racks of BBR's and I had just read this post. I made a half batch of this rub .It wasn't to over the top on anything but I'll be tweaking it some the next time.Thanks for the idea and recipe, Bill  
  17. bill in mn

    Smoking in MN--

    Wow! nice rig. Your neighbors and friends are going to love you .With something that nice you can't help but invite them over for everything that can be smoked (anything) .Welcome to the board with the best chefs on the net. I might fall into a neighbor depending where you live. I'm in...
  18. bill in mn

    Dill pickles are too soft,,,why?

    The lids are heated to soften the seal and sterilize. Then the hot bath helps seal everything I think. This pickle recipe  we entered in Minnesota's state fair didn't win but got a showing in the display case.
  19. bill in mn

    Dill pickles are too soft,,,why?

      Heres a recipie we have used with great      results . A couple of things might be making your pickles soft .To long of a hot bath or your water.We have well water here and it's the best and for some reason it's the best for making pickles.We have tried to put up picks at other places and...
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