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  1. ecodork

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    I guess it's one of those constantly renewing things as I just ordered a couple rolls too. 
  2. ecodork

    Howdy smokin folks

    Welcome fellow Gulf Coast'er and King Kooker!  I live in NC now but I grew up in south Texas (~120 miles from the Gulf) and went to college in New Orleans. Enjoy your KK, I love mine and have turned out some great stuff with it.  Plus it's from LA (via china manufactuing) so that's hard to argue...
  3. ecodork

    King Kooker

    I do have the KK and am a pretty big fan of it.  Agreed it's not super wide, but if you consider the diagonal length, it's not too shabby. And, for me, the amount vertical space, the versatility of the numerous shelves more than makes up for it being a few inches too narrow.  Plus it's got the...
  4. ecodork

    Newbie from Raleigh, NC

    welcome! I'm a triangle dude myself! The chicken is good practice for the big bird.  I found that using turkey parts (bone in breast, couple legs and thighs) is much more forgiving than the whole bird.  And you can remove parts as they are done.  Also, brining in the fridge (allowing a full...
  5. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    Thanks again!  Yeah, we just cracked one open and they taste great! Even some of my big-time hunter co-workers were impressed.  I didn't shock with an ice bath but it was in the low 40's / upper 30's when I took them out.  I just let them sit for a few minutes outside while I tided up.  They...
  6. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    Got impatient and cranked the heat up to 230* for about 10 min to finish it off.  They're all vacuum sealed and in the fridge to "bloom" overnight.  I'm hoping to talk my co-worker I'm sharing with in to cutting one of "his" sticks open tomorrow! Hard to resist temptation to crack one open...
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  9. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    Thanks ya'll!  Yeah, I'm REALLY glad I didn't try smoking it yesterday!  It's now 4pm and I'm still only at 157* internal!  mballi, taking it to 150, eh?  I'm sticking to my 165ish for now, but you've done 152 with success? elaborate, if you can, i'd love to cut some time off this.  No biggie...
  10. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    The LEM Backwoods stuff does have cure but pretty sure no accelerator.  It seemed no worse for the wear this morn.  I got it in ~6:15am (thanks daylight savings!) and am at ~150 currently.  Started ~140* and slowly worked up to ~185*.  Pecan and cherry wood blend.  Should hit 165* in an hour or...
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  12. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    My decision has been made for me.  By the time I fed my 2 year old lunch then got the casings stuffed, it's 2pm and not really enough time left in the day to smoke.  Maybe enough, but I avoid smoking into the night as I get impatient and I can't see well enough to keep track of everything. But...
  13. ecodork

    LEM backwoods summer sausage resting time?

    Of course I didn't think to ask this question BEFORE I started, so now I have 10 # of venison/pork sausage all mixed up and waiting (in the fridge, of course). The packet does not say to rest overnight (or at all) after mixing.  Should I rest it?  Or can I stuff and smoke within a few hours (2...
  14. ecodork

    chorizo - corona real brand spice mix

    Just looked over my notes and I used 9 oz of the Corona chili spice mix and 2 cup red wine vinegar for 5.75# of pork butt.  Again, as a point of reference (for that brand) this was way too salty...and I trimmed too much of the fat.  I grew up in South Texas eating mexican chorizo and this was...
  15. ecodork

    chorizo - corona real brand spice mix

    You know I didn't find an exact amount. My notes are at the house in my bbq notebook but let me think about what I can recall b/c I think it's still helpful (or a starting point, at least). I believe I did maybe 1 tablespoon (or maybe 1 oz) per pound.  I think I did 2 bags for ~8 - 10 # pork...
  16. ecodork

    chorizo - corona real brand spice mix

    Corn chips as a binder...interestante. I could see how commercial chorizo would want to fall apart on you but so far my stuff just looks like the ground pork butt it is.  Got everything ground and marinating.  Gonna reserve a pound for a fatty and will probably stuff the rest in hog casing. 
  17. ecodork

    chorizo - corona real brand spice mix

    Yeah, I tried calling them but the dude on the phone didn't have much for me.  Oh well, I'll go with my gut and post some results here so we can build up the online chorizo database!
  18. ecodork

    Smokin a turkey?

    I have a gasser too and think adiochiro3's got the right idea....but still 22 pounds is huge.  Maybe butterfly the bird?  Last few times I did turkey I got parts instead of a whole bird and it was much, much easier to deal with.  EZ to brine and smoking time was a fraction of doing a whole...
  19. ecodork

    chorizo - corona real brand spice mix

    My dad got me a bunch of 3 oz. packs of Corona Real chorizo chili mix.  Anyone ever use this stuff? It looks good, but I can't find directions anywhere or even spice to meat ratios.  I figure I could cobble together some internet / SMF recipes just fine, but it'd be really nice to know how much...
  20. ecodork

    Smokin a turkey?

    Maybe try quartering the bird?
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