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  1. tbrtt1

    Now that’s an ugly butt

    Like a goofball I accidentally got a butt that had the bone removed and it just looks funny. I’ve done boneless before I just don’t remember them looking quite this odd. Well, she’s gonna get started in a few. Pulled pork tomorrow!
  2. tbrtt1

    Dusted off the stick burner for a run today

    I hadn't used the stick burner in quite a while and I think it was getting jealous. She is just a cheapo Old Country Pecos, but as long as it is not too cold I can get good Q out of it. Aside from some wood issues in the beginning, it went pretty well. Seems I get some wood that is still a bit...
  3. tbrtt1

    Game Day! Who Dat! Geaux Saints!

    Gumbo, tater salad, poppers and French bread. I’m ready.
  4. tbrtt1

    It was good to flex the muscles again

    As I mentioned in a post on Monday (my fist since in many, many months) a friend of mine's birthday is on Jan 1. His wife asked me to smoke ribs and chicken for about 20, though there was going to be a a good bit of other food as well. I hadn't manned a pit in quite a while and had a nice...
  5. tbrtt1

    Where's Waldo.....er tbrtt1

    It's been since May (2018) since my last posting of any sort and it was a reply. So, to say I have been negligent in my smoking posts is the understatement of the year. This thing I had called a job not only continued to interrupt one of my favorite passions, it got worse. So, I fixed that. I...
  6. tbrtt1

    First Post.........in a while

    This job thing is killing me lately. I haven’t posted any smokes in a while, but alas I was able to fire up the pellet pooper and throw a brisket on before I went to bed last night. I went deep into the smoke before I wrapped in butcher paper and I was rewarded with a very hearty bark. In fact...
  7. tbrtt1

    Oyster French Bread Dressing

    This is a something I enjoyed during the holidays when visiting my New Orleans side of the family. It is a very New Orleans dish. I always believed no other city does more with oysters than New Orleans. Thankfully, I still live close enough to home so I can pretty much get anything I would get...
  8. tbrtt1

    I touched greatness today!

    I was in St. Louis today for business and I had a few minutes in the afternoon and stopped by the St. Louis BBQ Store. If you’re ever in the area do you self a favor and stop in. Really nice folks and a tremendous selection of smokers, smoker assessories and sauces and rubs. When I get out of...
  9. tbrtt1

    Questions for the Stick Burnin' Pros

    I just posted a lengthy diatribe about my maiden voyage with my Old Country Pecos stick burner. But I wanted a separate thread for the inevitable questions following a first all wood cook. 1-The Pecos seemed to "work" best with the smoke stack wide open (thats a no brainer I guess) and the...
  10. tbrtt1

    Joining the ranks of Stick Burners

    Been chewing on this for a while and decided to dip my toe into the world of stick burnin'. I have several quality pit makers here in the greater Houston area and if I expand that to a couple hundred miles, there is a ton manufacturers, Klose, Lone Star Grillz, so when I am ready, I'll have a...
  11. tbrtt1

    Free pecan wood in Baton Rouge area

    My brother in Baton Rouge recently had to have a pecan tree cut down. If anyone needs pecan wood he will let you take all you can handle. Not sure (I’ll find out) but you may have to cut it. Anyone interested, please PM me. I do travel extensively during the week so forgive me if I take a...
  12. tbrtt1

    PBC Brisket

    This job thing is getting in the way of my hobbies. Been crazy busy, but I had a home office day so it was time for a brisket. My weapon of choice today was the Pit Barrel Cooker. It has been many a moon since I cooked a brisket on the PBC. Probably a couple years. Just a cheap select from the...
  13. tbrtt1

    Just some SLC Ribs and Bird

    I haven't had a chance to do too much smoking and/or posting. This work thing just gets in the way or everything. Gotta do something about that. Come on Lotto! I picked up a couple racks and SLC ribs and the wife likes cornish game hens (baby chickens) and I picked up a small pack of legs to do...
  14. tbrtt1

    Wagyu Maiden Voyage

    I smoke a lot of briskets since they are cheaper than ground meat around these here parts. In fact I do them often enough that the wife complains. But I learned that one of our neighbor friends loves brisket, so I have added excuse to do a few more briskets lately until the neighbor complains...
  15. tbrtt1

    East Meets West-Bovine Meets Swine

    I picked up some skinny beef ribs and a rack of SLC spares on Friday. I wasn't able to score my usual beef ribs, so I settled for some skinny looking ones that were real cheap.  Well come evening time on Friday I get a wild hair and decide to do a little experimenting. I thought I'd do half the...
  16. tbrtt1

    Weekend Smoke and Some Product Review w/Qview

    Don't get to smoke and post as much as I like lately but I did a hearty smoke this weekend and thought I'd post some pics.  Of late I have gotten into trying new rubs, brines, injections and such. I used a couple new arrivals today so I there's a little mini-review tucked in to this post as...
  17. tbrtt1

    Beef Ribs, Pork Belly and a Railroad Spike!

    Hey folks, it's been a while since I posted anything. The company I work for had a restructuring and I have a new position since the first of the year. I have been crazy busy. I squeezed in a few smokes this year but nothing much; a bird or two and the odd rack of ribs. I've been able to do a...
  18. tbrtt1

    Tri-Tip Maiden Voyage with Board Sauce

    As much meat and as often as I smoke, I have never done a tri-tip before. So I thought it as time. For a twist, I did it board sauce style. This is a creation from Chef Adam Perry Lang (the only reason I know that is because I looked it up-but I try to give credit where I can). You are supposed...
  19. tbrtt1

    Don Godke Downdraft Hood and Big Ole Beef Ribs

    I hadn't done beef ribs in a while so it was time. I also received the downdraft hood for my Traeger so of course I smoked the ribs on the Traeger.  For those that may not know, pellet smokers produce a rather light smoke relative to other types of smokers. Many folks, me included, augment the...
  20. tbrtt1

    "Real" Jambalaya!

    The "real" part is a little ribbing for my Crecent City friends.  Probably not well known outside of Louisiana, there are actually 2 main variations of Jambalaya in the Pelican State. Red and brown. The main difference is the use of tomatoes. There are some other differences too, but tomatoes...
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