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  1. kunkel3269

    Old Country gravity feed smoker

    Saw a post earlier asking about if these had shipped to academy sport yet. Saw one yesterday in Lubbock. First one I have seen in stores and figured I would post some pictures for those curious in this pit. Price as of 3-4-2021 was $1299.99
  2. kunkel3269

    Lang top or bottom rack.

    Hello all. I have a Lang 48 patio model. 95% of my cooking is done on the bottom rack. Just curious on what other Lang owners are doing out there? Are cooking bottom or top rack? I think I will be doing some test cooks on the top when I get a chance to. Just looking to see what others results...
  3. kunkel3269

    Not so good first cook on my Lang 48

    Well had my first cook on the Lang yesterday. I went and picked up some different wood for those who read my previous posts. To start off the wood I had was very dry and I know was good. Still having some smoldering issues with the fire only when I close the fire box door. I have cooked for...
  4. kunkel3269

    My new Lang 48!!

    Finally pulled the trigger and got a Lang! Definitely impressed with it! Can’t wait to cook on it. Started a thread just a minute ago about the damper concern but figured I needed to share some pics!
  5. kunkel3269

    New Lang 48 intake damper concern.

    Hello all. Just received my new Lang 48 Patio Easter morning. I’ve been waiting for this one a long time! I decided to get to seasoning the thing ASAP. I started with pit charcoal and about 3 good sized splits with the firebox door and chamber door open. I have to say my wood is still a little...
  6. kunkel3269

    Is this too much smoker???

    So I’m in the market to buy a new smoker. Trying to make my mind on a Yoder kingman or lang 48. Been smoking on an old country wrangler for a little over 5 years. I ran across this the other day. A guy builds them as a hobby and the price was kinda unbelievable. Fire box is 1/2” thick as well...
  7. kunkel3269

    Need help with my temp???

    Hey guys! New to smoking and new to the forum. I bought an old country wrangler smoker from academy last December. I have cooked maybe 10 times on it so far. I am having a hard time with the temps. I have a maverick digital thermometer on the grates. It's almost like its working backwards for...
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