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  1. streetguy

    Spice lined casing

    I've been searching the web for spice lined casing like cracked black pepper. The sausage maker has one its $12 I think for one it stuffs about 4lbs. Any body have any other suppliers?
  2. streetguy

    Buffalo cutter

    I've been kicking around the idea of getting a buffalo chopper. Dose anyone know if the bowl comes off or if you have to clean it attached to the machine?
  3. streetguy

    Weight of cure # 1

    Dose anyone know what the weight o a teaspoon of cure # 1 is in grams?
  4. streetguy

    To freeze summer sausage or not to

    Me and a buddy of mine where talking do you have to freeze fully cured and cooked summer sausage? You see it all the time on the shelf in stores. We figured commercial products have preservatives added to help with the shelf life. If vac packed could you store summer sausage in the refrigerator...
  5. streetguy

    At what temp dose cured meat bind together?

    I fully understand to cook any meat cured with cure #1 to 152 degs. Then there is the whole pasteurization in a suvid using a chart and holding at lower temps for a period of time. Dry cured with cure #2 is never cooked but rather use salt, dehydration and bacteria to kill all the nasty stuff...
  6. streetguy

    Which cure to use with bank form tsp X

    Has any body used a starter culture when making semi dry cured sausage? If so which cure sid be best 1 or 2?
  7. streetguy

    how to prepare fresh pork liver

    We butchered a pig yesterday and I want to make some liverwurst. In the past Ive soaked the liver in a pan of water mainly because that seemed lived the thing to do. I wasn't happy with the results. the liver seemed water logged. I think Iam going to just rinse it this time. Whats everyone's...
  8. streetguy

    When to weigh dry cured meats

    When using UMAI bags when do you weigh your dry cured meats after stuffing before the 36-72 hr fermentation, or just before you put it in the refrigerator?
  9. streetguy

    Protein lined casing inside a UMAI bag

    When making dry cured meats in a curing chamber recipes call for protein lined or beef middles for stuffing. I guess this the freedom of a chamber to use what ever casing you want. Whats everyone think about stuffing into a protein lined casing or any other casing of your choice and putting that...
  10. streetguy

    Philly cheese steak

    Any body have a good Philly cheese steak sausage recipe they would like to share?
  11. streetguy

    Chicken sausage weekend

    I made three 5 lb batches of chicken sausage this weekend. Just plan chicken sausage, spinach feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes, and buffalo blue cheese. Turned out great. Had a friend stop by to help I am not sure I might have turned her into a sausage head. I used my newly acquired...
  12. streetguy

    cold or hot smoke

    I brined some buck board bacon using Morton tender quick. Can I cold smoke it or dose it have to be hot smoked?  It has  been in the brine for 10 days. 
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