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  1. piker

    Smoking vs dehydrating????

    I have only used my nine tray nesco dehydrator and other than changing trays halfway thru it works great
  2. piker

    Free To Good Home Raffle: Brand New Slow Cooker

    very nice of you to do this. I hope someone who needs it wins. Thank You!
  3. piker

    Pork Shoulder for making sausage??? Decided on Butts help needed?

    I have only used pork shoulders for sausage making in the last fifteen years with no problems and great sausage. I am talking about 200 pork picnics. The only waste is the skin and bone.
  4. piker

    Need a new vacuum sealer

    Make sure everything is clean. My food saver did work so brought another and was just checking the old one. Cleaned every thing really good and it works like new!!
  5. piker

    Meat vs Meat Substitute, Your Viewpoint ~ Foamheart

    My son in law is a farmer rancher etc so I get all my meat from him including pork and chicken TOTALLY chemical and hormone free. The difference is something you have to try.
  6. piker

    Meat vs Meat Substitute, Your Viewpoint ~ Foamheart

    As I said I am old fashioned and when I want to eat meat I will eat real meat and then real vegetables. By the way what is cultured meat if there is no meat in it it cannot be called meat!
  7. piker

    Meat vs Meat Substitute, Your Viewpoint ~ Foamheart

    I am old school and I would not try one on a bet!!!
  8. piker

    Smoking a brisket

    I seasoned a brisket with my favourite spices and then vacuum packed and put in the fridge. My question is how long can I leave it before I smoke it? This Piker
  9. piker

    Ain't this the truth

    Fits me to a T
  10. piker

    Sponsored Giveaway for Inkbird 150 feet Bluetooth signal barbecue thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 probes

    I am in Canada and where I live there is not much smoking equipment around and all I have is a simple therometer which is not very accurate. A thermometer like this would be great improvement. Thanks for the chance.
  11. piker

    Supplies for homemade smokers?

    Any place that sells tanks should know where the outdated are kept. At the local dump here there is usually at least one hundred. I do not know where they eventually end or what they are used for
  12. piker

    deli turkey breast for jerky, any tips?

    It sounds like this turkey breast is already cooked. I have never made any jerky out of cooked meat only raw. Correct me if I am wrong piker
  13. piker

    Need some Advice

    I have mrade a lot of bacon over the years and have always added one teaspoon of cure per five lbs. of belly. I always change the rest of the rub for a different taste. I never had any problems and the bacon is excellent. I have probably done about one hundred ten lbs. bellies. No doubt it is my...
  14. piker

    Question: Whole Pork Loin

    I buy them all the time. They work good for all ways you mentioned. Just make sure in your cooking methods you keep it moist as it has tendency to dry out if cooked to long or hot. I even make jerky out of then sliced thin. Very cheap good meat.
  15. piker

    Pricing Custom Smoking

    I would do it as a monthly or even weekly event. I know your initial investment will be higher but your profit margin will be whatever you want it to be within reasons. It depends on the going price of your pulled pork. I would rather be my own boss then just work for wages and you a multitude...
  16. piker

    grinder on the way out

    I had a tazin grinder that is 15 years old has ground at least two tones as I am a hunter and do my own meat plus friends and never had a problem other then dull blades. Other than the motor slowing down I do not know what can go wrong. Piker
  17. piker

    Pork Bellies

    After many years of making bacon my main supplier has started to sell rindless pork bellies. I will miss the cracklings but it is so much easier to prepare and finish with no rind. The best part it was even cheaper.
  18. piker

    Sausage fat content

    Forgive me guys when I previously said 50%fat I really meant 50%ground pork I used pork shoulders which I deboned ground and then mixed in with the venison so I am not positive of the actual percentage it was good. I am at the age where I tend to forget a few things.
  19. piker

    Sausage fat content

    I am having problems with my iPad. I use 50% fat in my sausage
  20. piker

    Sausage fat content

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